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Ghazi Osman Season 3 Episode 130

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Father!My Sheykh! My BeyThey is still attached yet it won’t keep going long. He’s feeble. The two his breath and the beat of his heart are feeble. Allah safeguard him!- Cot!- Cot! Run! Run! The cot is coming! Be speedy!- Come on, bring the cot!- My Sheykh!Come on! It was a result of me, My Sheykh! My Sheykh! My Bey! My Bey, it was a direct result of me! I swear did this multitude of things, my Bey How did you respond?

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Watch Kurulus Osman Season 3 Urdu Hindi Dubbed Episode No.130

Father?Father? What was the deal? Kumral Abdal what was the deal? How is my Sheykh?Allah will recuperate him Bala Hatun.His wound is profound. He lost a great deal of blood. We’ll recuperate him and stand by. Hold tight dad. Hold tight. Try not to let us be. Hold tight. Hold tight. I was unable to safeguard my Sheykh Bala Hatun. Please accept my apologies. Please accept my apologies. Assuming my Sheykh awakened now…If my Sheykh awakened now……he’d say, “Be patient when you face trouble.”There’s great in all that main Allah knows.”But I can’t be quiet if you don’t say it. Father.Give me a material Kumral Abdal. Give me some material. Come soon. My Sheykh.My Sheykh.My Sheik. My Sheykh.What assuming that something terrible occurs? My Sheykh is solid. He’ll endure this. conceal the carriage. There are buckles close by, My Bey. My Bey, they exploded Sogut and the motel. What are you referring to, Erdogdu? Osman, alps? Tell me, what’s going on? There are many saints, my Bey. Be that as it may, individuals have previously begun faulting you for it, my Bey.” Gunduz Bey exploded Sogut, and endeavored to kill Osman Bey” individuals say. We want to get away. They are faulting me for everything that occurs! Who does this unfairness,

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Tell me. Tell me, Cornelia. What did you see? Gunduz…Gunduz Bey and Ayse Hatun were getting away. What are you talking about, Cornelia? How might they escape from the clan? How might they escape from the clan? I saw them entering barrels. Erdogdu is assisting them with getting away. Erdogdu!Do you know what direction they are headed? I know. Might it be said that you are frightened you should haveHang on my Sheykh? Hold tight. Hold tight my Sheykh.In the name of Allah. Hold tight my Sheykh. Hold tight. Hold tight. This is Episode No 130 of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 127 of Season 3 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Captions by GiveMe5. Osman Bey. Sibling, call for help Allah!My Sheykh!Close the doors of Sogut! Draw your swords against whoever goes back and forth there Nobody will leave! Nobody! Yet, you will get whoever goes back and forth! Try not to return before observing a track Please! As you order, my Bey. Konur, come on. Siblings, please! Please! Allah prohibits,

Watch Kurulus Osman Season 3 in Urdu/Hindi Dubbing

These are the irons we put into the flying fire, my Bey!- My Sheykh!- They hit us with our ammunition!- My Bey.- Take Alps with you. Go to your tent however the person who did this to us might lay out a snare on you! Please! My Bey, I trust the person who did this makes an appearance before me, InshAllah!Don’t cry, Ayse.No one feels sorry for us. Mari is gone, my Bey. Furthermore, she’s gone with her child My heart is in torment.

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