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Ghazi Osman Season 3 Episode 149

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This is Episode No 149 of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 22 of Season 3 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Captions by GiveMe5. We have been dozing inside the foe. Right next to them. We had a spot in their heart. We found out about their minds……souls, exchanges, and convictions. We possessed them. Now is the right time to stir the ones who live under the phony light. The time has come to awaken now. They have flourished in these terrains. We will break their branches and scratch their underlying foundations off. Any group preparing blades can transform into a military.

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Watch Kurulus Osman Season 3 Urdu Hindi Dubbed Episode No.149

In any case, raising an authority requires years. Whatever established inside them……men of thought, researchers, elderly folks, commanders…We will obliterate them all. Awaken! You are the principal awakeners. The ones, who have awakened to kill. Furthermore, you are much more perilous than the toxin in my grasp. Maria thinks you are a desolate young lady. What’s more, Turks imagine that you are a forlorn young lady serving Mari. What’s more, you are our most proficient executioner. I will annihilate the solidarity they attempt to build……from inside, right from its center. His officer has uncovered their shortcoming. Allow their shortcoming to bring their end, Cornelia. Allow their shortcoming to bring their end, Cornelia. For their most first-class administrators, Turgot and Gunduz, are dropping out with one another day by day……this division will be ridiculous. Also, whose end will accompany this toxin, sir? It will destroy Mari, by whom you have been stowing away for a long time. I’ve covered my dad in the dark earth. I’ve covered my dad in the dark earth. My heart is in torment, Osman. He’s gone before meeting up with his grandson. Umur Bey is a saint. We are observers of it. In any case, you ought to likewise be an observer that I will end the existence of whoever did this to him.

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I do not doubt it, my Osman. My dad will be retaliated. I know it. You are a resilient lady. You will get through this agony, as well. Also, I will continuously accompany you. But…..excuse me until further notice. I have an incomplete business with the King. You’re correct, Osman. You’ve held your burial service. J v: TrW::’It’s an opportunity to disclose everything, Osman.My Sultan.o’0,f’C.?.I made no move that I can’t give a record of, my Sultan. For what do you maintain that I should disclose everything? You killed the Vizier of the Seljuk State just before my eyes! You did what you were unable to do to me! I won’t squander my breath by expressing the things you did. The main words I will say will be your passing request now! My Ruler. There was bad form in your choice. On the off chance that Vizier Alemsah was alive now……he would let you know everything. However……his time was up. If the heads don’t talk……then others talk. sick Ruler Hadhrat. I am your subject, the authority of Seljuk State, Konur./ff ••»>Now they will tell you, my Sultan.J7’^o’OB fest”I saw my subjugation to Vizier Alemsah as bondage to you, my Sultan. I ask for your pardon. Cut the rubbish, come clean. My Ruler, Vizier Alemsah has……done numerous brutal things, taking cover behind your seal. Dust the ones I have witnessed…..made his demise legitimate. Talk, who holds Vizier’s chain Ruler Hadrath……Vizier Alemsah……attempted to kill Osman Bey. Isn’t that what an agitator that…..tried to kill me deserve still me, Barkin. How did this occur, and where! Let me know everything. I wish I had not come in advance. I shouldn’t have let my uncle be. We ought to have kicked the bucket together. Not you, Selvi……I ought to be the one under the ground. I’m embarrassed to raise my head. End my disgrace, Malhun Hatun. I couldn’t safeguard Umur Bey. I dread incredible Allah……that’s the reason I can’t off myself.

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Save me from this weight. Quiet down! Quiet down! I want the ones that killed my dad! Quit crying and whimpering and let me know what occurred! Mongolians…Mongolians did it. Who was their leader? What number of they were? They were packed. I couldn’t see.No the snow-capped mountain of Umur Bey or mine made due. They martyred my valiant alps……right before my eyes. While I was battling 2 Mongolians……I got injured and tumbled to the ground. While I was going to pass out……I saw that Umur Bey fell, as well. Give him some time Malhun.

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