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Ghazi Osman Season 3 Episode 155

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Our streets have been isolated. You are out and about of Haqq…..and my eyes were curtained by visual impairment. I committed an error. I’ve joined the visually impaired ones. My blood is halal for you now, sibling. Come on, sibling. Come on. From now on……the just arrangement is at the tip of my sword, my Sheykh. It is at the tip of your sword. However……the blade that will wake Gunduz from the rest of their blindness……is not the sword on your belt. It is the benevolence in your heart. It is absolution. Regardless of whether he everything?

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I have a little treat for you first. Soldiers!Rogatus…Nikola!I generally realize that you were unable to be relied upon. Do you know it all, right Rogatus? You should know where Osman is, too.ex°0 ‘ OI will not rebuff you today. You will not resist me. You will do all that I say. As you order Osman Bey. Keep it in your mind.No one will be aware. You will keep administering as the Bey. Furthermore, I will kill the ones that have deceived you like this. You will carry Geyhatu to me. I will puncture his throat like a wolf! Presently go to him……so he will not comprehend. Eyvallah brother.Eyvallah.The Alps Get back to the clan! Today, the blood of the malicious men will be shed, not the blood of Turks! Very much like I need it. Won’t you talk? OK, as you wish.No!I like consuming individuals. Regardless of whether I let you know Osman’s area, you will kill me. Osman ought to live, so we will get an opportunity to pursue retribution on individuals like you! Check him out. Look how he confides in Osman. Yet, assuming you talked

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The lodge Sogut and Geyhatu would have annihilated even the clan. To stop him… To stop him I guaranteed something to Geyhatu. Neither Kayi……nor the hotel, nor Sogut……do not fear the shahada. In any case, you turned them…..into subjects to allow them to live. I committed such countless errors, sibling. So many. I can’t wrap up by counting. Numerous Mongolians have come to my palace previously. But…..Osman generally killed them. However, we are together at this point. We are together against Osman, aren’t we?Geyhatu beni sapa kar^i uyardi…Geyhatu bdni sana kar^i uyardi…Geyhatu cautioned me about you. Geyhatu cautioned me about you.Kihcini qekerse korkma ama konu$ursa kork…O yiizden sus Nikola.If he draws his sword, don’t be apprehensive, yet assuming he talks, be apprehensive, huh? Great. Geyhatu is a genuine adjudicator of character. Nikola, .- if.erl^rini, kiliclanni atlarim adrecegim…Nikola, I need to see your warriors, ponies, and swords.Geyhatu’.ya v-subsiding o^d”Lvu testis double-dealing. I will investigate the military you will provide for Geyhatu. You will do all of that,

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turned into the device of the silencers. For you say you fell……why didn’t you stand up, sibling? For what reason did you take the ponies to Geyhatu? For what reason did you attempt to break the Turkmen clans? I realized they would cross my way, Osman. I knew it. I prayed…I implored that something terrible happened to me out and about. Along these lines, I wouldn’t have reached.Look.My petitioning heaven is acknowledged, sibling. It is acknowledged. Your goal and activities are unique to one another, siblings.

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