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Ghazi Osman Season 3 Episode 159

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something different behind this. We should trust that the dust storm will disappear first. Hang tight for it to disappear first. Let me know then, at that point, wh® is it? Who is it, Osman Bey! I have spoken. Your alps are martyred. They generally arrived at that heavenly position we as a whole care about. Presently, lament for them. Also, cover our saints. Assuming that is all you need to say…Eyvallah Osman Bey.Eyvallah^Oh my dear son!Are we going to stand by, my Bey? Bilecik Palace. To what do I owe this greeting? Don’t. Try not to go about as though you don’t have the foggiest idea, Tekfur Rogatus. Did you kill Turgut Bey’s alps?What?What are you saying, Gunduz Bey

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This is Episode No 159 of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 2 of Season 3 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Captions. Who owns this unfairness? Whose unfairness is this?Whose?We saw Rogatus’ banner during the assault, my Bey.Bring Karayelhere Goktug!Eyvallah my Bey.Ambush!Brothers! They are going after Turgut Bey’s alps! Please! Turgut Bey…We will return his Alps to him. We will hold their funerals……and dig the graves for the double-crossers!? As you order, my Bey. My Bey…Karayel…Come on siblings. Please! Karayel.Karayel!Brother.Brother!They came into my house……and killed my Karayel! They butchered my dependable friend……and cut off my wings, sibling! Presently, they say that……they won’t allow us to live here……and they are challenging our path! What keeps them down from……coming into my tent as they came into my clan? The ones who killed my Karayel today……might kill my Orhan tomorrow! The alps come forward……with their chiefs. Water rests however the foe won’t ever rest! You are the authority. For what reason would you say you were resting? Jeromy Bey. Are the ponies prepared?

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They are, by Bey. We will set out without losing time. We will show up at Turgut Bey’s clan before sunrise. We shouldn’t make our saints stand by. As you order, my Bey. You are not coming, sibling. What is done will be finished. We want to ensure the ones who did this. You are going to Bilecik, to Rogatus. Welcome him to my clan. I need to investigate his eyes. With the goal that we can check whether he was the person who did this. As you order, my Bey. TURGUT BEY’S TRIBECan I come in, my Bey? Come in, Kutan. Is there any report from Osman Bey? There isn’t, my Bey. There has been nobody sent by him. They will come. They wi-Imagine a scenario in which something terrible happened to them, my Bey?- They will come with no problem at all. Osman Bey will carry our siblings to us. He is going to. Assuming that he does not…Any proof……just any evidence.Evidence in regards to the charlatan who killed Karayel!Who did this to you? Sergeant Ayhan! My valiant alpsMy Bey, you guaranteed me. You let me know that my dad would return! They martyred him……and cut off his fingers. You guaranteed me! Damn all of you! You murdered my child, damn you! Osman Bey.Great Osman Bey, who is trailed by numerous different clans! You were unable to stay faithful to your obligation to us! You trusted thatTekfur!Turgut Bey, tread carefully! Ertugrul Ghazi’s child Osman Bey remains before you. In any case, we stayed true to our obligation!

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We gave Kosses’ sibling to him, free from any potential harm! What might be said about my alps? What about my siblings? How did this occur? Let me know Osman Bey, right? How could it work out? The fire of vengeance……burns its lord, as well. You are the Bey of this clan. Assuming you get burned……you will consume everyone around you, as well. We are as of now consumed, mightn’t you at any point see it? It’s the ideal opportunity for us to consume them now! Try not to stand excessively near them! With the goal that you will not get singed, as well, Osman Bey! You are acting unpracticed. Don’t.Don’t.4We ought to get revenge on our siblings! Provide us with the request, and we will kill them, my Bey! We will get their payback. We will take that heathen Kosses’ head! It’s unsure yet that it was Kosses. There is

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