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Ghazi Osman Season 3 Episode 163

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 Episode No 163 of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 14 of Season 3 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Captions by GiveMe5. You deceived in however conceivable. You even made my kin and brother. turn their back on me. You are gnawing too much, Osman. You will pay for your rudeness with your clan and individuals

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 However, first with your Alps. What are you referring to? You set out to draw your sword……and put out a snare on the Vizier of Seljuk, huh? You are strolling to your demise, Osman. Stop there, Konur! Back off.V’Je has your Alps. Try not to commit an error, Osman. Or on the other hand, they will kick the bucket. My Alps…You Haqq!Are my Alps alive? It relies upon you, Osman Bey. Tell me! Leave Vizier Alemsah. On the off chance that you even lay a finger on them. first I’ll kill the Vizier. and, I’ll kill you here! Stop it, Osman. Bring down your blade. So I will just take your head. Leave me! Leave me! Rats! Leave me! My Bey! My Bey, we’ve shown up, my Bey! My Bey! My Bey,

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 we are here-Leave me now!- My Bey!- Alps!- My Bey, we are here ease off. Ease off! Move now. Back off!My Bey! My Bey!Brothers. Are you OK?- We are fine, my Bey!- We Weare fine, my Bey, we are fine! Your Alps are alive. Leave Vizier Alemsah. Or on the other hand, every one of them will be decapitated. My Bey! Kill him, Bey, don’t stress over us! Take that charlatan’s head!•ueiusoBrother, what’s happening with you? I’m holding the top of the one, whom you help out, Gunduz Bey. Try not to get it done, Osman! On the off chance that you kill the Vizier, there will be no retreat from this, Osman! Ponder your Alps. Ponder your clan! Contemplate your loved ones! Anyway, for my clan and my family……I ought to remain strong with a trickster like you, Gunduz Bey?

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You are breaking the request for the Ruler! Try not to get it done. See, Osman, simply give up. Ruler likes you. Go to his presence and account for yourself! My goal is the reason for the Turks. Also, this cause is so honored that……there is not a great explanation to make sense of it for anybody. However……even you don’t comprehend it.

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