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Ghazi Osman Season 3 Episode 17

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The period of abuse is over Alisar Bey! From here on out, it is the blade’s chance to talk. He who talks with a sword. Gets quieted by a sword. We aren’t apprehensive about anybody! Notwithstanding, you should realize that Geyhatu isn’t satisfied with what Balgay has done. I’m here to do the undertaking Geyhatu requested. What’s more, make you a deal. Us. Kayis. we try to avoid extravagant men or extravagant words. Alisar Bey Express what you will. Balgay creating problems will not be over until he is dead We as a whole realize that all around Come and wage war against Balgay close by

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Watch Kurulus Osman Season 3 Urdu Hindi Dubbed Episode No.17

This is Episode number 13 of Kurulus Osman Season 1 with Urdu Dubbing. I have an inquiry. At the point when we’re battling to guarantee our properties… how might this world be? Everything is wild. Monetary unrest Political questions. Individuals are stressed. terrified and weak Multitude of equity wasn’t so gallant as fiend’s children. A multitude of equity was deceived. Lost its truthfulness. Fallen angel s children, who were completely liberated, began to assault to end humankind. In any case, the Fire of equity is lit once more. The banner will ascend from where it has fallen. The world will have requests once more. This country, with Allah’s consent, will obliterate Satan’s military. (Inshallah) Assuming we hold the guard in the clan, it implies that we’ve as of now lost the fight Our Alps will hold the 4 slopes around us if there should be an occurrence of an abrupt attack on the clan our Alps will invade from the stream bed or the backwoods, to help us As your request Gunduz Bey How is the report from Sogut, Bamsi Bey? Gunduz Bey. I put the Alps to Sogut as you requested They’re ready against Balgay’s strike Thank you, Bamsi Bey. This… We put the Alps to this Kurna Slope and Sahin Slope Now no one will be shown benevolence who enter to Sogut. Much obliged to you,

Whatever happens to Oguz, occurs in his rest. Wake up, child. be alive! Be alive! At the point when you walk, judgment will stroll close by. At the point when you grin, kindness will grin close by. At the point when you battle against evil, persistence will rise, and people should see the state in you This ought to be an expression that the judgment ought to be resuscitated with it. The Muslims ought to be calm The insidious ones ought to be shaken with dread. Ideals should ascend with it again The size of the judgment has erupted again The banner will ascend from the beginning tumbled to. The world will be all together once more. The Muslims will overcome the multitude of Satan, with Allah’s assistance! I’m here working according to the decree of the powerful Mongol lead representative Geyhatu. Both as a standard ruler, And as the roaming sibling clans well We don’t have a sibling that respects the persecution of the Mongols About the flag master part. However long you are reasonable. We won’t bring you any hardship. What is your obligation? We should discuss this serenely, outside. Geyhatu knows about everything. He doesn’t need inconvenience on the boundary What does he need then Alisar Bey9 For us to respect raging canines like Balgay? For us to kneel and stay silent against their mistreatment? I need to get Geyhatu far from the line, Bamsi Bey! My obligation is to take Osman to Konya Geyhatu needs to get familiar with the Laws of Genghis Khan, And what befell Balgay. If not, he will come by and by If Geyhatu comes… Numerous clans will desire for Balgay. Presently, Alisar Bey… Osman isn’t here. Notwithstanding regardless of whether he was Neither your solidarity would be to the point of taking him, Nor Geyhatu’s.

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Watch Kurulus Osman Season 3 in Urdu/Hindi Dubbing

They need to shed their toxic substance Don’t you get it7 who parted from his nearest Alps.. to shield the clan from Geyhatu’s resentment and Balgay. No one but you can observe where he is as the Sanjak Bey. Osman isn’t our concern now. Alisar Bey said that assuming Geyhatu comes, you’ll search for Balgay We’re searching for Dundar right from the start. Gunduz Bey. Your ignorance will consume the clan. You’re not on the right way Bamsi Bey doesn’t have the foggiest idea about a ton about governmental issues. Your occupation is hard. Gunduz Bey. I have another thing to tell you, Bamsi Bey! What is it,

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