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Ghazi Osman Season 3 Episode 171

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This is Episode No 170 of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 170 of Season 3 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Captions by GiveMe5.The canines of the person who arranged these games! Come at me they’ll leave not a solitary one of you alive! Mother, mother! Hang tight, mother!Bala!I’ll kill you now! Come! Come! Your end has come now, Bala!’ ‘ 4 >*Where did they come from? Mother, hang on! Hold Mother, no! Hang on! Mother, no! No! You are chuckling like hyenas that see a lion! Come here. Come here!- I am here, Osman Bey!- Weare here, my Bey!- Lions!- I know where the section is.- We should escape this bedlam.- Please! Please! Along these lines. 

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MashAllah, fighters!’ Thank Allah, mother! Mother!Mother! Mother, no! Malhun!Bala!Soldiers! We retreat! Who are you? Uncover yourselves! It is self-evident! You are agreed with Haqq!Mother! Mother! Mother!- Mother get up!- Mother!Mother!She is alive! She is alive! Please! How about we go! Come on IHoOdl ©Bl®Mother! Mother hang on! Try not to let me be! Mother, please! May your arm be serious areas of strength for generally, High mountain. The front line saw genuine courage. We are favored Haqq, say thanks to Allah.Eyvallah.Stop not too far off! What is it that you need!? I want your assistance. Quiet down! For what reason do you want my assistance? Julia. She will go after the hatuns, we want to stop her. What sort of trap would you say you are drawing me into!? You have not turned around from your past misstep! How could I trust you now? Boran, I understood my error, and halted, say thanks to Allah. However, on the off chance that you don’t accompany me, many will kick the bucket. Come on. Could it be said that you are with the Haqq? I’m with the Haqq…..and with Osman Bey, who follows the way of the Haqq. Come on. Boran, this is between us now. It’s confidential. Whenever one of us gets cornered, we will go assist. Don’t. The people who are engaged with the mystery, know the mystery. I realize I shouldn’t tell, anybody, all things considered. Sit back and relax. Come on, how about we go to the clan rapidly. Gunduz Bey holds a Beylic chamber. Come on. Come on. Cevahir said that different asylums lead to entry.

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We will stand by here. OK then, at that point. Come on. I would rather not express the unavoidable, yet our King is in a terrible condition. Osman came here as a backstabber..; …and acted in like manner, he endeavored to kill the Ruler. He will be gotten, we will investigate him about why he has done this! Osman will be killed any place he is found, without a preliminary! For the sake of Allah, the kind, the beneficent.With the 99 names of extraordinary Allah, Who makes us exuberantly pleased with the illumination of confidence, and gets things going with His orders.With the 99 names of incredible Allah, Who makes us indescribably pleased with the radiance of confidence, and gets things going with His orders. My Beys, as you probably are aware, I need to be the Bey of the Kayi clan. My Beys, as you probably are aware, I need to be the Bey of the Kayi clan. A courageous Bey like you would suit to be the Bey of Kayi. Come on, Beys, the individuals who will decide in favor of Gunduz Bey, lift your hands. So be it! So you favor a vacant Post to Gunduz Bey! So you need to be leaderless, instead of being administered by Gunduz Bey! Great, then you will not get shares from Gunduz Bey’s victory. Great, then, at that point, you will not get shares from Gunduz Bey’s triumph. Great, then, at that point, you will not get shares from Gunduz Bey’s triumph. You will be denied of the winner Bey. Let’s assume it, Gunduz Bey. Get out whatever you were unable to say up to this point out of your humbleness. The property of the unbelievers, Harmankaya Palace, is presently Kayi’s. With the Vizier Alemsah……it will turn into Kayi’s property.

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Harmankaya is currently your property. Assuming you become Kayi’s Bey, it will end up being Kayi’s property as well. Then Beys will get their portions. They can sell their merchandise in Harmankaya’s markets, feed their creatures in its lands…They can sell their products in Harmankaya’s marketplaces, feed their creatures in its lands……and benefit from numerous open doors, and succeed in their clans. Presently I rehash the same thing. The individuals who vote in favor of Gunduz Bey, lift your hand. Is this what they called a snare? These mongrels continue to pull pranks on us. They need to kill Ruler Mesut and afterward me. My knife’s on the rear of Ruler. They couldn’t take you out…..so they need to fault you for the King’s demise. It’s me. Cevahir.Come in sibling.

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