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Ghazi Osman Season 3 Episode 187

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Simply sit back and relax, sir. You will transform into a shadow, Simon. Nobody will see, know and hear youLords will come soon. Indeed, even they shouldn’t know what your identity is. Presently take your holy person’s clothes…..and leave. With my regard. Wear t sit around idly, Simon. Try not to sit around idly. Selam aleykum Aleykum Sei am, Gencebey.Hello, Gencebey.Are you great, sibling? Great, Boran.And you?Good, because of Allah.MashaAllah!How are you, Expert Davut?Thanks to Allah, great. You’re good?EyvAllah. EyvAllah.Aleykum selam. You’ve been away for a long. Where have you been? We crushed the barbarians bringing inconveniences up in Karadag.Thanks to Allah.

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This is Episode No 185 of Kurulus Osman Add-in. Sibling wakeAlaeddin.Come on Alaeddin. Get up. We want to leave. This is so terrible, Orhan sibling. We’ve become influenced by the possession of the unbelievers. We won’t whimper. We’ll get away, sibling. Come on.No officers around. Allah, invigorate me. What’s that? Is it safe to say that you are attempting to escape? And Osman’s children? What will befall them? Nobody will contact them. They will hang tight for me. You can kill the alps, ladies, and even Osman……with joy. In the first place, we will realize where the youngsters are.II’ 1Without any information……we won’t fall under the control of those canines that need to kill us. It seems as though this is their turn. You are correct Osman Bey, if we avoid potential risk for the wedding……they believe we should flip out and go after them.

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For what reason do you mind where Osman sits, Nikola? I like avoiding potential risks. You instructed me that I shouldn’t misjudge anybody in war, ace. I will leave no remaining details. You are talking admirably, Nikola. Aya Nikola, Expert Arius, this is Bilecik Castle……but the set of experiences will record this palace as the memorial park of Turkmen Beys. Have confidence. The performers outside, entertainers, and musicians…… are outfitted with knives, and they are hungry for Turk blood. Did you let them know their genuine objective? Not. We have a drawn-out, difficult experience ahead. Our occupation is intense. The Alps! Look out! Be ready! Look out! Be ready! We might seem as though we are going to a wedding, however, our weapons are now honed! We’re going for victory! We should go! Come on, sister! Please! Approaching! I trust it’s something great, InshAllah.Bala!- Malhun.- Bala! They’ve abducted the children! What? Who? When? There is no opportunity to talk. They’ve taken them to Bilecik.- Then, at that point, how about we go to Bilecik.- We should go! Osman Bey is coming! Osman! They’ve grabbed the children. I know Malhun, I know. Our children! Consider the possibility that something happens to them, Osman. Nothing will occur.

Watch Kurulus Osman Season 3 in Urdu/Hindi Dubbing

She’s filling in as usual. She never enjoys some time off to rest. She begins working at sunrise. May Allah invigorate her.- Amen. Amen. So be it. I would rather not say it, …however, her agonies are deteriorating. She visits the healer and gets her back rubbed. Goodness, my delightful mother!Bd 16. We were unable to manage without you. My wonderful young lady Bala. What’s going on with you? How are my youngsters? Did you track down them? Indeed, mother. They’ve gone for preparing with their dad.

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