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Ghazi Osman Season 3 Episode 28

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Geyhatu knows about everything. He doesn’t need inconvenience on the boundary What does he need then Alisar Bey9 For us to respect raging canines like Balgay? For us to kneel and stay silent against their mistreatment? I need to get Geyhatu far from the line, Bamsi Bey! My obligation is to take Osman to Konya Geyhatu needs to get familiar with the Laws of Genghis Khan, And what befell Balgay. If not, he will come by and by If Geyhatu comes… Numerous clans will desire for Balgay. Presently, Alisar Bey… Osman isn’t here. Notwithstanding regardless of whether he was Neither your solidarity would be to the point of taking him, Nor Geyhatu’s.

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Watch Kurulus Osman Season 3 Urdu Hindi Dubbed Episode No.28

The period of abuse is over Alisar Bey! From here on out, it is the blade’s chance to talk. He who talks with a sword. Gets quieted by a sword. We aren’t apprehensive about anybody! Notwithstanding, you should realize that Geyhatu isn’t satisfied with what Balgay has done. I’m here to do the undertaking Geyhatu requested. What’s more, make you a deal. Us. Kayis. we try to avoid extravagant men or extravagant words. Alisar Bey Express what you will. Balgay creating problems will not be over until he is dead We as a whole realize that all around Come and wage war against Balgay close by. The contention among Geyhatu and Balgay will support us. Our inclinations are shared. Remember! Floods travel every which way, yet the earth remains. Everybody leaves, except Alisar, stays Suppose we become subjects to your flag lordship What will we receive consequently? Might it be said that you will attempt to kill me once more? Also rum our clan with unrest9 Assuming I needed to, I would kill You wouldn’t be remaining before me. Responding to your inquiry. Kayi clan will get what it needs. Furthermore, it will give anything it desires to anybody. Furthermore, nothing will happen to Osman What do you say Gunduz Bey9 Gracious Bala. That Alisar is returning once more. Selcan Hatun. I heard, honey I heard. I was headed to find it To see the reason why he came and what he needs. m worried he’s back more grounded, Selcan Hatun He’ll be a more serious issue now. Similarly, as we said we’re liberated from Mongol difficulty May Allah makes Gunduz not show his delicate side Osman isn’t here by the same token. Assuming we give up to this jerk, he’ll be in a tight spot altogether We should. There’s something different as well.

Tell me. honey Let me know We’ll track down an answer That Alisar. asked me from my dad once. Selcan Hatun What are you saying Bala? It seems like Osman doesn’t have a clue. No. No one knows. If it’s not too much trouble. Relax, honey. I won’t tell anyone. It’s great that you let me know first Assuming Osman finds out about it. he won’t allow him to live. We would have the option to dispose of him yet I’m worried about the possibility that Osman would get injured. Hang on honey. Hang on. We should We’ll put the trap behind the Dark Backwoods. Will Balgay utilize that way, my Bey9 Not Balgay The band that conveys the Byzantine Princess Adelfa will. How are we doing Byzantine Princess, my Bey? They need to arrive at a Byzantine-Mongolian coalition by wedding Adelfa and Geyhatu. We’ll forestall it, My Bey. We’re just two. Allow me to go to the clan and let the Alps in on No Boran This obligation is significant and secret. We’ll do it simply both of us. As your request, my Bey Your deal is something. You’re something as well, Gunduz Bey Both your weapon and your brain are masters In tough situations.. you want to use sound judgment to shield yourself from Balgay’s oppression. we don’t dislike Geyhatu Gunduz Bey. The proprietor is blameworthy as much as his dog] Geyhatu has a lot of canines. Bamsi Bey. Which one could he hold? We chose to pay our expenses to Geyhatu and have a tranquil life, Alisar Bey Gunduz Bey. This is a choice to be made by Beys There were a ton of issues. There are a ton of saints You can’t choose without help from anyone else. Gunduz Bey Assuming you’re the Bey of the clan.. sit on the seat. Assuming you’re not… be quiet, Bamsi Bey. At the point when a snake nibbles a Muslim, he can’t get chomped again from a similar spot. Get a hold of yourself. Gunduz Bey.

Watch Kurulus Osman Season 3 in Urdu/Hindi Dubbing

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