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Ghazi Osman Season 3 Episode 89

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Yes, however assuming I went to Mari without you, how is it that I could clarify that? Come on, troopers!- Argus! Go after them, Argus. Follow the-Sir, excuse me, however, I can’t leave you and go. Osman, biiyuk bir bey…Osman is an incredible Bey…Osman is an extraordinary Bey…Boyle olmemeli…He shouldn’t pass on like this. He shouldn’t bite the dust like this.Sava§ meydaninda olmeyecek…He won’t kick the bucket on the battlefield. He won’t pass on on the battlefield. Name yiirumeyecek.

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Watch Kurulus Osman Season 3 Urdu Hindi Dubbed Episode No.88

We have an incomplete business. You are a coward. You are so terrified of me that you can’t confront me alone……you come at me with your dogs. Turgut, you think you are so important. You are only a bug that I will crush. You went too far, and I became distraught. That is all. Come at me! Yes, Turgut Bey! As you see, I’m standing and you are on your knees. I am on top, however, you are at the bottom. You are the same as a snake Nikola. Regardless of whether you jump on top, you do it by crawling! But I’m an eagle! Even assuming that I fall, I fall while I’m flying. For a shepherd, these are extravagant words, Turgut Bey. Bravo.Bravo.If you are a falcon and your wings are broken……and additionally assuming you are separated from everyone else, Turgut Bey……then you will be nourishment for those snakes. Your end has come. The time for your passing has come Turgut Bey. If we kick the bucket, we become saints Nikola. We don’t feel sorry, we don’t fear for our lives. Only Mari.My dear, my hatun…Leaving her behind…..there isn’t anything else. Do what you want!„ 9…there^is’ nothing else?’ D® what you want!You shameful charlatan Nikola!Damn knave who deceived me! Did you figure you could get away!? Kosses!Traitor Kosses!If I killed Turgut and left you alive, I would be tragic. I’m happy you came here! I have any familiarity with your mischievous plans you charlatan!, Harmankaya Palace is too huge for you, did you hear me!? I told you not to follow me, yet I’m happy you did.

Come on! Come on!Shoot!Faster! Faster! You astonished me, Turgut Bey. Frankly, I have never believed that you could save me. We haven’t been saved at this point, Kosses. Let’s escape this first. Then, at that point, we can talk later. Kosses! Shield! Here it comes! The swindler and the shepherd are running away! Catch them quickly!Quickly!Quickly!I need both that disrespectful shepherd and double-crosser Kosses! I need them now! Pursue them! Quik inat^isin Osman…You are so obstinate, Osman.Ama sonunda dleceksin.But you will kick the bucket in the end. The Alps, stop. We separate now. We should accept different streets so it befuddles them…..and we can acquire time. Then, we get together in Baspinar free from any harm, InshAIlah.InshAllah, my Bey. Kosses, you likewise go with them. I’ll come after you later.No, Turgut Bey. I won’t leave you. If we follow various ways, they separate and lessen in number. Our chance of survival will increase. The time is short, Kosses. Shine in these line lands, similar to a wild stallion! I take the stand there is no god aside from Allah…And I likewise give testimony Mohammed is His worker and prophet. Turgut Bey! Are you late for someplace?

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Watch Kurulus Osman Season 3 in Urdu/Hindi Dubbing

This is Episode No 87 of Kurulus Osman and Season 3 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Dubbing Assuming anybody falls without killing five oppressors, I’ll censure him on the other side! Come on! Battle bravely my sibling, Goktug! Allah is Truthful. Allah is Everlasting!Allah!You shed the blood of my sibling on this soil! From now on, this dirt is haram for you!Soldier!Move that vehicle before me! Quickly! Quickly! Quickly!Turgut!Kosses!Traitor Kosses!We can’t hang on here for quite a while, Turgot Bey. What are we doing now? We’ll sort out something. Kutan! Serhan!Shields to the vehicle!

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