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Sultan Abdul Hameed Season 1 Episode 65

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The hitmen could do nothing without weapons. You can relax. If I need to obliterate the docks to get them, I will. ..Furthermore, get what is mine. Stand by to hear from me. I Come in. Indeed, Ahsen? For what reason do you appear to be so desolate? She didn’t mend my injury, my ruler. Sara. At any rate, she left the castle. Try not to be melancholy, please. My main desire is to track down my sibling and see him. You can’t see him without leaving the castle. I came to you for that. Help me, my ruler. Get me out of this royal residence. Allow me to track down my sibling. If it’s not too much trouble. I will effectively satisfy you Ahsen. Go at this point. It’s extremely late. I will deal with it tomorrow. I’m thankful to you my sovereign. Head worker Hacer.

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 The distinction of being the mother of the world sovereign.. ..who is the proprietor of Tigris and Euphrates.. ..is all my craving. My main desire.. ..is your well-being. Thank god My wellbeing is fine. Do you have any desires for me? You are I swear I will hold her wedding. May God give you a long life my ruler. You stay young lady. My king. Much thanks to you for coming. I’m happy that you enlightened me regarding this. How is your child? I trust your well-being is fine. Thank god, my king. We both are sound. Great. May God give the child to our sovereign and you. So be it, my ruler. I will suitably deal with this. My lion’s heart is delicate. We shouldn’t blow the agitation blazes. We should not consume our sovereign’s psyche.. ..with pointless issues. Our ruler knows the best. Both Seniha King and general Mahmud.. ..appear to fail to remember that.. ..debacle and karma have connected arms in this royal residence. In any case, I will remind them. My sovereign mother. Our sovereign is here. My mom. Welcome. Welcome to your group of concubines. Your nonappearance disheartens us.

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n official conclusion has been made. Ottoman will be an English settlement from this point forward. From this date ..we will watch the genuine breakdown of the Ottoman general. You don’t anticipate that I should be blissful right? Yet, I dealt with Parvus about you. I got an extremely huge prize from him for you. What’s going on here? You are welcome to the gathering.. ..which the undersecretary will hold in the capital. I’m welcome.. ..as what? The new English legislative leader of the Ottoman general. In any case, you can call yourself a lord. The new ruler of the Ottoman. Tune in. At the point when you become ruler ..your child Sabahattin will be the sovereign normally. I’m a ruler. My child is a ruler. Coachman! Fantastic. We concurred with Parvus. Weapons ammunition and bombs came for you. In any case, we can’t dump them from the boat. Sending weapons was Mr. Parvus’ work. What’s more, he went about his business. Utilizing the weapons is my obligation. Furthermore, I’m prepared for this to death. Yet. Taking the weapons to the docks is your obligation, Mr. Herzl.

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Our sovereign is here. My mom. Welcome. Welcome to your group of concubines. Your nonappearance disheartens us. I wish you were dependably here. I’m agreeable in my own home my lion. The convention of the castle.. ..stands weighty for me at this age. Try not to consume your psyche with me. Do you have a wish mother?

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