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Sultan Abdul Hameed Season 1 Episode 68

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May God be satisfied with you, my honest young lady. You see Seniha King. You thought me. Get lamented with your disgrace now! It s not a disgraced general. I m simply blissful. Decent. Great. I mean. Now and then we just.. ..chattered about you by calling you greasy. Give me your approval my young lady. Give it. From this point forward you can openly eat .. ..pastrami molasses dried natural products creams, honey.

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you can eat every one of them in this house. The basement is at your disposal, my dear young lady. Let s go young lady. Definitely. My young lady. My Seniha! My Seniha! My Seniha. My consideration is candy. Quit thinking about me. Love me constantly. Love me much. That s enough Mahmud. Seniha. He set me up appallingly. I would have gone to the memorial park without you. May God be a satisfied sibling. You saved my life. You put your life in danger. Much obliged. Demise is t the matter. .in the core of a fearful mouse. So you ought to be feeling quite a bit better. , You must be feeling better. Wear t be apprehensive. Young lady. It s all known. A disgraceful man wounded you. In any case, you are as yet alive, luckily. On the off chance that an individual should live ..he should live with honor, correct? Answer my inquiry unequivocally and courageously. Did general Mahmud wound you? Not the slightest bit Seniha Ruler. You posed your inquiry with such red hot words that.. ..she would nearly say it was me.. .. even though she was t going to say that. Keep quiet broad Mahmud. Wear t object, please. Yet. Mahmud! Young lady. Come clean. Just reality. It implies the cause of your condition.. is general Mahmud. Seniha King needed to make you her girl in-regulation.

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 So you would t give her better half s name. Bidar Ruler took you under his security. With the goal that you would give the name of whomever she loved. Tune in, young lady. You won t tell this any other person. I.. Well. Who cut me in the basement. General. General Mahmud.. ..it wasn t him my ruler. May God be satisfied with you young lady. May God be satisfied with you young lady. May God be satisfied with you, my honest young lady. You removed a significant weight from my shoulders. I just completed my sovereign s request. You saved your sovereign s life. He will continuously help you in your difficult situations. What you did was an extremely valiant sibling. You hopped among many individuals who needed to kill me. Much appreciated. God s my observer. I figured the bomb would detonate. Eliminated the black powder. Sibling. We wear t know individuals there. We put our lives in danger for our country. Be that as it may, there were guiltless ones.. ..also, who got misled. I eliminated the explosive not to kill the honest. Assuming they had acknowledged they would have killed us. Our sovereign is sitting tight for you. Allow s to go to the castle. No sibling. I m terrified of losing the fire of my vengeance ..on the off chance that I converse with him. You go. Convey my much appreciated. I want to believe that I will settle my record.. ..furthermore, go to our sovereign then, at that point. As you wish. May God safeguard you. Much obliged. YILDIZ Castle The rose.

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gives its smell to the hand holding it. And you Abdulkadir? The secret word for this Episode is. What did you provide for the hand holding you? Nothing. At the point when we went to the traditions ..the boat got dumped and set out. Supposedly, the boat has a German banner. Valid. I heard from individuals working in the German government office. There were weapons in the last chests. In any case, they might t at any point empty

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