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Younas Emry Ep 5 Urdu Dubbed

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By the time the military of the Seljuk Turks arrived the Mongols had already withdrawn, disappearing into theremainder of Anatolia. The direct consequence of those recurring Mongol raids on Anatolia were the splintering ofits people, already weak and feeble, into many groups. Since the authority of the Anatolian Seljuk state was nowso weak it had disintegrated politically, and since the military was incapable of protecting its citizens,individual communities gathered around area ruler or beylik, a sultan. This was the start of a process whichstrengthened variety of local rulers and sultans. On the one hand, local rulers, severely competitive, werefighting each other; at an equivalent time they were also in revolt against the authority of the Seljuk state,while still battling the Mongol invasions.

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The image we now see of Anatolia is sketched in by invasion, riot, the transition from nomadic to settle life forgiant groups of individuals, social disquiet, and therefore, the instability of the Seljuk regime. We will sayAnatolia was seething with unrest due to the Crusades, Mongol invasions, the revolt of local rulers and politicalquarrels for sovereignty among sultans. This period of utmost unrest and turmoil shaped by of these difficultieswhich the people of Anatolia suffered, also shaped the remarkable character, the poetry and inner world of Younas Emry.

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Through this terrible time, he spent his entire life trying to determine peace and unity in Anatolia, with both

his ideas, and his efforts. In pursuit of this, he traveled extensively among all the local rulers, explaining

the importance of unity and peace to them: his great service was to offer to voice to and stimulate an awareness

of those ideals in Anatolia. There is consensus among historians and students that the Sakarya Valley is the

place where Younas Emry came into this world. Accordingly, Sariköy — now called the village of Younas Emry within

the town of Mihalliççik, Eskisehir — has been acknowledged because the village where Younas Emry was born.

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