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Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 4 Episode 36

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Welcome, my Ertugrul’s Bey. Happy to see you. Welcome to you, Ertugrul’s Bey. Welcome, Ertugrul’s Bey. May Allah never leave us without you. Eyvallah (thank you) Eyvallah. Welcome, Ertugrul’s Bey Welcome to you. Ertugrul’s Bey. Welcome, Ertugrul’s Bey. Eyvallah (much obliged). Ertugrul’s Bey, welcome.

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Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 4 Episode 36 By PTV

 Is Tekfur Ares actually conversing with Ertugrul’s Bey? Indeed, Madam. You should be the warriors of Ertugrul’s Bey we are. I’ve heard a ton about the standing of the Kayis. Be that as it may, didn’t see them till today. Eyvallah (bless your heart). You should be an honorable woman, recently showed up from Nikea. If not you would have as of now seen us. I didn’t come from Nikea. As a matter of fact, J is not an honorable woman, possibly I was given to Tekfur Ares as a gift, by slave dealer Simko. Along these lines, I was a slave. I surmise the gathering will take a long time.1 I wish you a pleasant day. Well sibling, what sort of lady was that? Her nightfall eyes were continually rotating. I don’t savor the wine presence of our valuable visitors. In my nonappearance, the criminals tormented the bands in transit to Hanli Market. Shockingly Matter of criminals put us all in incredible difficulties.

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I need to give you this white flag as an image of harmony between us. I trust it will not get stained. Much obliged to you. Tekfur Ares A standard of harmony won’t get stained, when in our grasp. Be that as it may, in case it was stained prior to coming to us… it can’t be cleaned I got dinner ready for you Kindly come in, we should talk inside. Hit Gunduz’ Hit! Hit’ T k Uh’ so you are Ertugrul’s Bey’s child Gunduz, huh? Uh’ you’ll be the value your dad will pay for his deeds. However, first how about we get comfortable and become companions.

Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 4 Episode 36 in Urdu Dubbing

. You can remain in our clan as long as you wish. Every one of your requirements will be met] Thank you, Ertugrul’s Bey’s Bey. May God secure you? Turgut Don’t let your gatekeeper down. Eyvallah (okay), my Bey Okay, how about we go. An. Ertugrul’s Bey has as of now gone to Ares. The two of them will borrow each other’s grave, Goktug. They will attempt to wreck and run down one another. What’s more; I will be back when they are both worn to a shadow. Around then Ertugrul’s Bey will have… neither the Ruler nor the Turkmen clans next to him. Are altogether the arrangements are done, Kostas? Indeed, sir, We have made every one of the important arrangements for inviting them. You are gladly received, Ertugrul’s Bey. Happy to be here, Tekfur Ares Congrats on your Beylik of Territory, Ertugrul’s Be

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