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Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 4 Episode 40

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, in a cavern at the lower part of the valley. If you find that cleric, perhaps he can help Aslihan and Turgut. What’s more, I would as well, stretch out some assistance to a companion. I feel for you, however, who knows perhaps there’s a long life in front of youthful darlings? Be that as it may, this is everything I can manage, Ertugrul’s Bey.

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Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 4 Episode 40 By PTV

How large of resentment that one should hold against you. Follow me. What’s happening, Bemis Snow-capped Mountain? We’re strolling in a backwoods, sibling, yet the way isn’t clear. I don’t realize I don’t know by any stretch of the imagination, sibling. You said you might have the option to assist me with how canning I trust you, Ares? I came to help the Bey of Territory, who offered a kinship to me. Isn’t adequately just? I discovered that in my nonappearance… you needed to hold onto the Hanli Market, in collusion with Emir Sadeddin. How might I give credit to your words? Indeed, that is valid In any case, what’s going on with that?

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We both needed to upgrade the exchange to the hour of harmony. That is our obligation. The amount of that gold given to Bahdaur Bey to purchase Hanli Bazaar… was yours Hmh You are an exceptionally insightful man, Ertugrul’s Bey. It was only an exchange. You are back Emir Sadeddin’s position here has finished. I realize that presently I’ll need to help out you in regards to the exchange and harmony from now, you are the man with whom I’ll do my transactions. How would you be able to help Turgut and Aslihan? I don’t have a clue what is behind this; however, I can give you a path that you can follow. What’s the significance here? In transit here, I had a few questions. Yet, when you said that the individual behind this needed them to… endure before they kick the bucket, I turned out to be certain on the double. For what reason did you turn out to be so certain? This toxic substance was made by a cultivator. What’s more,

Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu Season 4 Episode 40 in Urdu Dubbing

Until the day when that swindler who did this wrongdoing… returns to get your blood as well, hah? Ok Ah, You continue to say I did t do it. I didn’t do it! Ertugrul’s Bey, I’m not apprehensive both of you and of death. Do anything you desire. In any case, know I asylum t done that! Agar A|A| My Bey. Ares… Tekfur Ares has come. The Alps Indeed, my Bey Tie him all around well. I will draw his punishment when I return. Ok. h Ah, ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, ah. ok Ah. For what reason did this one comes here? Why Didier come here^ Why are you here, Ares? I heard what has occurred. I

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