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Ghazi Osman Episode No.20 by Enif TV

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This is Episode number 20 of Kurulus Osman Season 1 in Urdu Dubbing. Ali§ar Bey! Ali§ar Bey! How could you take a Bey from his tent9 You’re remaining against a territory bey Put that blade in its sheathe Put down your weapons I’ll suffocate this tent with the blood of your officers. Ali§ar Bey! Avoid my sibling! Stay back Gunduz. I would prefer not to hurt you too. How could you hear That Kalonoz is dead. Ali§ar Bey9 I was in the palace… They said, the person who killed Kalonoz was from Kayis Dundar Bey, for what reason would they say they are talking while you are here? We re the valiants of Kayi, Ali§ar Bey. We just have confidence in the pronouncement of Allah And presidentship of courier of Allah Dundar Bey, think astutely. This will end either by mass slaughter or outcast. Do you think the Mongol which I rely on, will not pay represent this? We’re saying Osman is honest, why not understand9 You deceive us in view of Kulucahisar. Neither them nor you I am searching for equity Since you’re our realm bey, you ought to have lead us as opposed to staying nearby You shouldn’t come here without consent It’s sufficient Osman I’m not going to take in the request and authorization from you. I’ll take your heads at this moment. What do you believe you’re doing here, you rapscallions? Osman killed Kalonoz He will pay for it Begone. Don’t you realize that we ll not convey Osman Bey to you? Who will stop me7 You? Clear out!

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Assuming you’re blameless, for what reason would you say you are taking cover behind the weapons? Is it accurate to say that you fear my judgment? On account of Allah. I’m not apprehensive anything that I see Yet, I’m anxious about outrage, Ali§ar Bey. Do you believe I will forfeit you for heathens7 I will set up a reasonable preliminary. Osman, there are Byzantium. Mongols I don’t need any new difficulty. Get a hold of yourself. I’m not apprehensive from the path or your judgment I need to talk with Sofia vis-à-vis Osman, don’t confide in this man. Osman, you don’t need to go my nephew Well ensure you until the last sword or the last blood of the Kayis. Me and my weapon, we’re confiding in your judgment. Ali§ar Bey. Ali§ar Bey… Somebody assaulted the new market last evening. . Our men have been butchered. Who might have done something like this, Nizamettin? I’ll go to the new market. Take him to the house. Allow him to stand by in the prison until I return Osman Bey. Troopers! Where are you taking our Bey? Should we be reluctant to bite the dust or… Should we hang tight for it. my Bala? This was the first dhikr (petition) that you provided for me, I wouldn’t have the foggiest idea about, my Sheykh Hadhrat Hamza, Sultan of Valiants… Towards the finish of his life… He began to go fights without wearing a protection. Individuals saw the circumstance. Some of them inquired… Father of the expert of blades Didn’t you peruse the section of Allah which says that we shouldn’t place ourselves at serious risk? Hadhrat Hamza replied with unfaltering quality… While I was youthful, I considered the to be as a goodbye to this world… At the point when I become clear with the light of my nephew Hadhrat Muhammad (PBUH)… I understand.

The refrain that says don’t place yourself in harm’s way in case you are reluctant to kick the bucket. was for that. Presently, passing isn’t an end. it’s a starting that opens the door of truth. In the event that we acknowledge this for what it’s worth, we will not be reluctant to kick the bucket. we’ll begin to sit tight for it In the occasions that we live, individuals who open the entryways of triumph are not the ones who reluctant to kick the bucket But rather the valiants who kill demise like Hadhrat Hamza Lucky those valiants.

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They don’t stress over their stuff and life. Fortunate those valiants, they will not pick their longings rather than their motivation Lucky those saints, their names will be given to an age… To a period… To a spirit. Who do you believe you’re playing with? Do you think you’ll move away from me with your untruths? I merited your indignation. My lone desire is to kick the bucket as a Muslim. My child. You made my Aybars a saint. You removed my heart. You killed my child My life is in your grasp, Bamsi Bey. In any case… In the event that you spare my life I’d be your child till the day you pass on. Give your favors to me. You felt the agony of losing your kid as a result of me.

Bamsi Bey Do the important Killing the authority of Kulucahisar and… Tossing him before the palace like a creature huh’? You’ll you pay for this so that the entire world will catch wind of it, Osman. First. Osman Then all Kayis. And afterward all Turks. I’ll tear their hearts out and feed the canines with them. I vow to God. For Kalanoz as well as for every one of the fighters we lost I’ll kill many Turks for every one of them. think Ali§ar Bey eliminated Osman from his camp. We can’t contact Kayis except if he’s dead Even if Ali§ar Bey eliminated Osman from Kayis He can’t handle him Osman will ultimately figure out how to get away. Samsa Bey! Try not to make us hurt a sibling. Zorba1 Free. Osman Bey! We re assistants, Samsa Bey. Try not to put us to inconvenience Alright then, at that point. In case there is somebody who needs to pass on they can pull his weapon. I cautioned you once. I will not do it twice. Zorba Come and take him then Brothers.

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