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Ghazi Osman Episode No.21 by Enif TV

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This is Episode number 21 of Kurulus Osman Season 1 in Urdu Dubbing. Put your weapons down Don’t allow alps’ displeasure to demolish you. Try not to languish over nothing. Try not to tie these valiants up excessively hard. Bora sibling. We don’t need them to be squandered. Order is yours, my bey Thank you, Samsa Sarge. I can hardly wait to watch Osman’s demise. You’re correct But in the event that he endures, we should design something My courier bird Nizameddin. Brought us significant data Ali§ar has experienced passionate feelings for Edebali’s girl. Just this data is Enough to set Ali§ar and Osman against one another. In any case, remember If Osman gave up to Ali§ar. he should have an arrangement We need to act extremely cautious Is there any report from Salvador? No, sir. |i take the stand there isino/deitytout God1… Also, I give testimony Muhammad is the courier of God. I take the stand there is no divinity except for God I give testimony there is no god except for God And I give testimony… Muhammad is the courier of God What are we going to do. Osman Bey9 Ali§ar Bey is sitting tight for gold that is coming from Konya which is involved by Mongols Soldiers were discussing it. Then, at that point it’s the ideal opportunity for goods, my bey.

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Watch Kurulus Osman Urdu Hindi Dubbed Episode No.21

The gold of Ali§ar is halal to the companions of Turks, Osman Bey The fate of Turks… Will be dictated by the valiants . Who give his merchandise and life for this purpose Not the ones who take gold from the adversary Samsa Sarge Tell Abdurrahman Ghazi to hold onto the gold with alps However, until further notice, no one should know what we do. Try not to stress over it, Osman Bey Konur sibling, is there any report from Bamsi Bey7 He hasn’t return, my bey. We should get him before he kills Salvador. He has the key of Sofia May our heavenly conflict be honored Allah is Ever Lasting. Allah The Truthful Allah is Ever Lasting. Allah The Truthful Hatuns. I don’t need the harmony in our camp To be demolished in view of Ali$ar You’re accountable for hatuns and kids Idiot! He made Kulucahisar his companion. He turned into their canine. Try not to stress Dundar Bey With the last thing he did.

He went excessively far You didn’t mind when he slapped Batur When it comes to Osman, he went excessively far When you take a gander at it you see a slap But when I take a gander at it I see relocation courses Exile and dead collections obviously we didn t endure it obviously we composed it on the dark note pad. You. sit tight for it We generally stay very and shut up. He slapped my valiant child before individuals like a youngster. With regards to my psyche, my heart drains. Zohre don’t you know us7 Do you believe that Ali§ar can pull off that slap? Batur is something similar with Osman. Is Osman not the same as Batur?

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Watch Kurulus Osman in Hindi Dubbing

Osman is our child. so is Batur Thank you, Selcan Hatun. Much thanks to you. Like you said, obviously When I say pause, I mean be patient When the ideal opportunity comes, weapons of Kayi’s Will cut the hands that slapped and attempted to chain us Everyone should realize that Peace be with you. Sheykh Edebali Peace arrive You accompanied a ton of men… What is wrong, Ali§ar Bey? Our reality serves for the framework We are hanging around for the principles. Terrible things happened last evening. Do you know at least something about it?

What’s going on here? A portion of my men were killed by the desperados at the marketplace Did you hear something? Bathing is the most ideal way for reclamation. Presently wash your ears with your little finger.. Your back of the head with your strikes.. And afterward your feet. May Allah acknowledge it. Much obliged to you. Osman Thank you. Take it. Goodness, Allah! My children Before you inquire. I will reveal to you Our prophet Hadhrat Muhammad PBUH his uncle Hadhrat Hamza, Was made a saint by Vah§i, Who acknowledged the religion and took the name Hadhrat Vah§i But my bey. Konur. Konur. Konur. Konur Alp. Pay attention to me! Pay attention to me! Pay attention to me! My child Aybars was a fearless man.

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