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Ghazi Osman Episode No.22 by Enif TV

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This is Episode number 22 of Kurulus Osman Season 1 in Urdu Dubbing. In any case, was he more bold than the uncle of Hadhrat Muhammad PBUH. Hadhrat Hamza? Our prophet excused his uncle s killer I am a straightforward Bamsi Beyrek As long as we have men as valiant as possible you, noone can contact us, Bamsi Bey. My Osman My bey, imagine a scenario where this pagan is lying a direct result of the dread of death. We will comprehend that soon. His first test will be hard. May Allah excuse their transgressions. We rest early and start off ahead of schedule. This is our prophets custom. I’m suprised. We felt that you can hear and see while resting. Then, at that point you wear t realize that Osman Bey killed Kalanoz. For what reason would you say you are tragic about the demise of the greatest pagan like Kalanoz, Ali§ar Bey? Wear t believe that I wear t realize you work with Osman. m inquiring as to whether you are connected or not with this occurrence Working with a fearless like Osman, is joy. I don’t have anything to say about his boldness But he is self-appointed. Hawks wear t enter the enclosures Forests aren’t sufficient for lions. Ali§ar Bey I am in control around here.

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Watch Kurulus Osman Urdu Hindi Dubbed Episode No.22

I wear t think about lions or falcons. The Mongols in Konya wear t need any difficulty. Allah realizes what happened last evening, Ali§ar Bey. However, I realize that If you add water to soil, it becomes dirt… In the event that you add blood, it turns into a country Well accomplished for Osman on the off chance that he killed that pagan He is an extraordinary fearless. For what reason is the gillyflower miserable? It was without water. No one idea to water It diminished May it be simple, women. For such a long time. I need to enliven the dividers of my manor with coated tiles. I don’t know anybody talented like you. Also, our religion orders us to Give the work to ones that are proficient to do it. Same stanza proceeds as when you rule, rule with equity. The friendship of Bala Hatun is such a gift, isn’t it Gonca Hatun? Her insight, her expertise… Masha’Allah, Masha’Allah. I will endow my chateau to you… Bala Hatun. When our capable Ahis show up, talk about your circumstance with them, Ali§ar Bey My work isn’t painting the dividers of a chateau. Ali§ar Bey. What is it, Nizamettin? Kayi Alps, seized Osman Bey from our warriors What are you talking about?1 Let me pour my Sheykh Thank you, my girl My Sheykh Tell me my little girl Just now, Nizamettin Bey brought news while Ali§ar Bey was leaving.

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Watch Kurulus Osman in Hindi Dubbing

He said Osman got away from the officers Ali§ar Bey blew up and left. What is happening. my Sheykh? Ali§ar Bey. captured Osman for the wrongdoing of killing Kalonoz Did he capture him? So. Osman Bey has gotten away from their hands. He should know something. Consider the possibility that anything happens to Osman Bey. my Sheykh? Bala… Since when have we begun to stress over a man? Everybody is endowed to Allah. Rather than agonizing over Osman. You will manage your business. Try not to step in Pour some more. Mongols showed up to the caravansary, my woman. You’re dealing with your fish truly well. They’re needing me.

I care for the ones That are needing me Behind your intense look You have a mindful soul, Ali^ar Bey. You’re living in a little pool called Kulucahisar actually like these fish My liberality is legitimate for you also Surely, you are needing us as. we needing your liberality. Princess… I’ve offered you such countless freedoms in my properties as a trade off of your grin and kind words Trading, till the end. In case it’s Osman, simply request it, I’ll skin him. Be that as it may, in case it is simply self maltreatment, an obscurity separates us… Your warriors haven’t brought Osman Bey at this point I trust you didn’t neglect the fish that you got Ali§ar Bey. God damn it. Salvador Go to Master Yanms on the double Tell him that princess Sofia fell into trap of Osman, rush. Where are my troopers I’ve extricated their ropes. They’ll be here in a matter of seconds. I will drape you with that rope Soldiers! You’re rebelling against my judgment, huh? You sanction your demise with your impolite conduct. I put my confidence in your judgment and came, Ali^ar Bey. Also, presently. I’ve given up to your equity. What is the significance of this, Ali$ar Bey?

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