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Ghazi Osman Season 2 Episode 43

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This is Kurulus Osman Episode 42 part 1 Urdu Dubbed & Ghazi Osman Season 2 Urdu Dubbed Episode 43. This is Episode 15 (42) of Season 2 Kurulus Osman and EPISODE 42 of Kurulus Osman. The top of the Alpwill is my son…If you permit, my Bey. Come in, son.Brother.Where were you when these men were killed? Answer me! Where were you when they were killed? How could they get in the stronghold, huh? How could they get into the castle? Answer me! How could they get into the castle? Where were you keeping watch, huh? Answer me! Get upset my father passed on in Karacahisar Castle in light of you. I’ll slaughter you. I’ll execute you all. Flatyos.Calm down, my friend. Calm down.

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Watch kurulus Osman in Urdu Dubbing

This is Episode 15 (42) of Season 2 Kurulus Osman and EPISODE 42 of Kurulus Osman. The top of the Alpwill is my son…If you permit, my Bey. Come in, son.Brother.Where would you say you were when these men were killed? Answer me! Where would you say you were when they were killed? How could they get in the château, huh? How could they get into the mansion? Answer me! How could they get into the castle? Where were you keeping watch, huh? Answer me! Get upset my father kicked the bucket in Karacahisar Castle due to you. I’ll execute you. I’ll slaughter you all.Flatyos.Calm down, my friend. Calm down. They were my best men, Nicola. They passed on due to these men. Your work isn’t simply ensuring this stronghold and stone walls. Your secure our honor and nobility. .furthermore, our integrity. A little mistake that you make ..would be a serious mix-up for our kids’ future. Are you the top of the guards? Yes, sir. Didn’t you hear anything? No, sir. Didn’t you see anything? No, sir. I like wary men. You will see! You will see! You will hear! I’ll execute the person who did this without help from anyone else, Nicola. We will discover him. We will. Revenge has been taken, Bey’s father. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.My Beys. We will kill 1,000 of them, for every life they took from us. My sibling came back from a campaign. Which one was it, reveal to us. So we can share your euphoria, too. We killed Nicola’s man that assaulted us in Sogut Except Flatyos. Thank Allah. May Allah make you victorious, brother. Thank you, brother]Live long, Savci Bey, you saved us from trouble. My Beys. The errand of being the Head Alp of our Tribe…is given to my child Savci. May Allah not embarrass me my Bey.U00LUVMay it brings best of luck, brother. Thank you, brother. After the gathering, I might want to get data about the alps. As your order.U88UJVO Allah, make our Tribe and our kin victorious.U00LUVDodon’t leave us alone with our pride and nafs.U00LUVU00LUVEl Fatiha.Brother.Brother.Welcome.Thanks.My brother.Brother.Come with me, Savci. My sibling Argun Khan, I would be very sad…if I was unable to be with you at your season of death. But now, I witness for myself how you will kick the bucket in pain. This isn’t anything, sir. Don’t stop, speak. Tell me more. Come on, advise me.

The toxic substance will decimate his body in a couple of days, similar to he is punctured by thousand of thors. Like this insubordinate Turk bey. To begin with, blood will emerge from his eyes. His skin will fall like a day off. At the point when it’s falling, his bones will show. But he won’t die.Good.My sibling’s death…should not be as easy as this Turk’s. It should take months. Maybe years. Until the council by my side…his demise should be moderate and painful. I need to see his malevolent face before Argun dies. I need to ridicule the hate in his eyes. Then it will be my nephew Gazen’s turn. This won’t be that simple. sir. I will purchase each and every one of the committee Beys…before the appointment of Han. There is no lock gold can’t unlock. Mongol chamber boys are greedy. It’s exceptionally difficult to fulfill them with gold, sir. If the Seljuk’s depository isn’t enough…there are always Turkish tribes. If that is still not enough, Christians. I will gather the gold I need from them. But that implies more duty, sir. Jarkutay asked to see you, Geyhatu. Bring him in. I’m sure the Kayis have a government agent in the castle. They struck the ammunition first…then I attacked Sogut and they came here to execute our warriors, in our home. In both of them, Osman was absent.Who do you think Ertugrul allocated for this?Gunduz..or Dundar?Who?It Neither of them are any good.Savci.Savci, huh?Why are you laughing?Two children of Ertugrul are a possibility for his position.Two inconvenience makers.Osman stands nochance against Savci.Savci is nearer to Ertugrul’s situation in his dad’s eyes.You aren’t right, Flatyos.Osman has something that Savci doesn’t have.What is it?You’ll see.You’ll see whenyou discover the spy.Flatyos. .get itemized data about the individuals in the palace, regular citizens, or military.I just know one thing about the government agent: He’s been in this manner far longer than Ertugrul’s sons. Who may that be? We’ll see. I’ll prepare the warriors myself. I’ll give theirlessons by myself. The war is coming. The war is coming, Flatyos.The canine of Balgay, Cankutay.You came here knowing you’d die.I’m here to pass on by your hand with my honor. Then…die!One last time! Allow me to serve you one final time. Let me give you data more important than my life.More significant than your life, huh?Even more significant than your life, Geyhatu.More significant than my life…What is it? Your child Mongke…What happened to my child’?

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Ghazi Osman Season 2 Episode 43 Watch Online

Tell me! Osman executed your troopers and dazzled your son.I committed an error by underestimating Osman. I won’t allow my child to pay for this with his life.He won’t murder Mongke. How do you know? He charmed Mongke on the grounds that he fears your rage. This is my opinion. So, it’s not about my son…but my respect! My honor!My child, neither dead nor alive, can give me my honor back.Only Osman can!If there is someonewho can do this…it is Osman.I will reestablish my honor with the blood of Osman and his ancestry.Let me accompany you.I can possibly reestablish my honor on the off chance that I bite the dust for you.First, dress like acommander under my command.Then come.Osman Bey.Ahmet Alp.Can we do sword practice?Another time.Can we wrestle? Youcan see my strength well do it tomorrow, Ahmet.Were you with Ertugrul Bey?Yes.Yes.Osman Bey!My father is dead.Ahmet Alp…fathers don’t kick the bucket, Ahmet.Don’t fail to remember this.They in every case live in their youngsters’ hearts…like a solid fireand an interminable gem.Ahmet Alp.Osman? What happened to Osman Bey?j He looks mad.I trust nothing’s wrong.Congratulations, Lena.Your appearance has brought changes.Mashallah!What’s going on, Hazal Hatun?Many things.Ertugrul Bey…made Savci Bey the head of Alps rather than Osman.Savci buckles down for his clan, he merits it.There is no positioning contrasts between siblings, Hazal Hatun.Listen to me, Hatuns.Keep an eye on your men.We can’t manage a battle among siblings in the clan, too.We’ve recently discovered peace.Karayel! Karayel!Tell me if it’s reasonable for stop a wild stream streaming like floods.Tell me if it’s reasonable for stop the horses.running across the perpetual plains.Tell me if it’s reasonable for saying.to stop to the blowing wind.Isn’t it a pity?Tell me Kara Yel. Reveal to me Does the blowing wind stop?Do ponies stop running?Do wild streams stop flowing?Then why they are asking me to stop?Then why they are advising me to keep quiet?Oh Karayel…I feel pitiful, and myheart is copying up.O patience.O patience.

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