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Ghazi Osman Season 3 Episode 114

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This is Episode No 114 of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 114 of Season 3 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Dubbing Gunduz Bey! Osman Bey! Come here. Come here, Gunduz Beirut…..I don’t maintain that any of the pony’s and sibling’s blood should be spilled! You need to take the Alps behind you……and make the oppressors kill the Turks. They did nothing out of sorts. You were deceived by Vizier and Gyrate……and you stunt them now. Witness the sword……that I used to kill the oppressors all through my life. For you side with the oppressors now……then……let me present you with my blade of equity. Come here, Gunduz Bey. For you consider as your enemy……then, I won’t venture back sibling After all of your betrayals

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Watch Kurulus Osman Season 3 Urdu Hindi Dubbed Episode No.114

after all that savagery, you call me sibling? What sibling would you say you are referring to? From this point forward, I’m not your sibling! I don’t kill my sibling! Due to your treachery…..your blood is a hall for me now. You are a child, who double-crossed his dad’s inheritance! You are a sibling, who put his sibling among the double-crossers! You…..a Bey, who betrayed his kin! You will leave this world……without a brother……without tore……and without your country. Come at me.2 DAYS before you need to kill me so much, don’t you, Osman Bey? I know it from myself. Accept me….nothing can be more excellent than your obliteration in these terrains. Against the incomparable enemy

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20 thousand? Follow me.Argun H.an ile nq^grler; aeliyor…Argon Khan s fighters are coming. Tureen rsvp-T.’ni bast’racak They will end the Turkmen’s disobedience. Argun Han. §ark dog deck…Argon Khan will go East. Argun Khan will go East.Ordrsu emrimde .’?ll2lcak…His armed force will be under my order. His military will be under my command.Argun Han’i, yok edecegim.I will obliterate Argun Khan. Tahti Benim olacak…His privileged position will be mine.Selcukl1’d^ avci-mun icindp. olacak.Seljuk State will be inside my palms! Ruler Mesud is battling for his life. Yet, even in that state, he is an influential man. You underrate him. He will give his best to stop you. Ben, nliimden buvuqum.Alemsah… I’m mightier than death itself, Alemsah.Me^”d hicNr sev yapamayacak…to do anything.Mesud won’t have the option to do anything. Quick.oalu Ruler aoriinecek…His most youthful child will be the King. His most youthful child will be the Sultan.Sen de Naibi olacaksin…And you will be his official. Furthermore, you will be his official. Hukum sends olacak…You will be the ruler. You will be the ruler. Ama, when Nikola. Above all, Nikola. Above all, Nikola. Nikola will not succeed. ir N.’k.ola. Emeline plasma.., Assuming Nikola succeeds and assembles Tekfurs for war…If Nikola succeeds and accumulates Tekfurs for war…Tob:fa

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a thousand heroes are coming. Kims? Dumuzi? durame^/acak…No one one will want to remain in our path.No one will want to remain in our path.4-O.^pe Yao. l u alacagvu-h First, we will take Inegol. Then we will end the disobedience in Turkmen lands.20 thousand?It will be a massacre!isvan edp-p?erin sonu kiyimdir zaten.Gunduz…Those whom renegade end up slaughtered, Gunduz!Gorup ibret alacaksin…You will see, and learn! You will see, and learn!Soz verdiqin a:.hi alolann ile birl’kte releceksin Gundiiz

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