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Ghazi Osman Season 3 Episode 117

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This is Episode No 117 of Kurulus Osman and Season 3 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Dubbing. I trust my youngster will be conceived solid …and I’ll see him wear every one of these, inshaAllah.InshaAllah, Bala Hatun.Here.Bala Hatun? Is it true or not that you are all right? I’m OK, Zehra. He has been doing this oftentimes recently. I will be fine soon. There is time until the birth. Bala Hatun?Zehra. My child is coming. Set down. My kid is coming, Zehra.Zehra. My mom said that it was not the time. Proceed to tell my mom! My kid. Don’t you have disgrace? For what reason would you say you are tormenting the kids? Selcan Mother, this is the second time they accomplished the work wrong. I see what they are doing and I see what you are doing.

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Watch Kurulus Osman Season 3 Urdu Hindi Dubbed Episode No.117

How frequently have you done this? What is it that you expect from these young ladies? For what reason would you say you are harming them as opposed to being a mother to them? Shouldn’t something be said about you? Hatuns of Kayi.Why don’t you safeguard these young ladies? The person who keeps calm is pretty much as liable as the one doing something awful. Is this the way that you were raised? Selcan Mother. Bala Hatun.What happened to Bala? Her water broke, Selcan Mother. The child is coming. Come on, hatuns. Material and warm water! My Osman’a youngster is coming.Oh.How quickly you have developed! Goodness, my Orhan. I need to consider you to be a daring man …and I’m interested if the man you will turn out to be …and yet I don’t believe you should grow up and I need to embrace you for eternity. However, don’t pay attention to your mom, my Orhan. My daring child, you will grow up. Whenever the foal grows up, the pony rests, …when the child grows up, the Bey rests. My dear child. Would I be able to come in, Malhun Come in, Aygul? Is there something wrong, Aygul? Nothing is wrong.Bala.Her birth began. Orhan’s sibling is coming. What are you talking about, Aygul? Yet, that’s what season Mother said …there was time until the birth. Perhaps it is only a constriction? We were surprised…but her water broke. My mom is with her. Don’t worry.InshaAllah, his introduction to the world brings great fortune.InshaAllah.I trust my Orhan’s sibling is conceived healthy.InshaAllah.Come on. How about we go. Tell Ayse Hatun. I will. Come on. My Orhan. Watch Kurulus Osman Season 3 in Urdu/Hindi Dubbing

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We should check whether your kin will be a young lady or a kid. My child.My Bala. Mother, my child is coming. Express gratitude toward Allah, the child is coming. Zehra put a pad behind her. Come on.Here.My Allah, express gratitude toward You.Come.Tell me, are your constrictions successive? Indeed, mother. It harms to such an extent. You will improve, little girl. At the point when you embrace your kid, your aggravation will pass.InshaAllah.Mother. What is going on? Compressions are traveling every which way. The child will be sound, inshaAllah.Hold on, Bala. Zehra, come on warm water and garments. Come on. Hang tight, Bala. Sibling, take this.- My Bey!- Osman Bey!My Bey.My Bey. Come. We came here for Geyhatu. Save your fury for him. Come on. Vizier. My sibling, hang on. I will hang on. The Alps! You manage the Vizier. I will pursue Geyhatu. Please! Konur, follow Osman. Peruse him to be in any condition. Please! Indeed, strong Vizier.

Watch Kurulus Osman Season 3 in Urdu/Hindi Dubbing

Argus! I can’t allow my officers to pass on for anything in damnation like this. We are pulling out to the palace. Did you hear me? All right, sir.Soldiers! We are pulling out. You came here on schedule, Erbey. I conquered numerous risks coming here from Konya, the strong Vizier. What is my central goal? Konur.Konur?I think he committed the best error, Erbey. Much thanks to you offered his dependability to Osman, …not the state. Follow him. Konur has been my companion for quite a while. In any case, there’s a cost for treachery. On the off chance that I see him commit an error, …I will carry his head to you. Assault! Accept every one of the alps as detainees!

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