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Ghazi Osman Season 3 Episode 127

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 Ayse? I don’t know Gunduz. Yet, somebody needs to defame us. What are we going to do now? We will get away. We will get away and clear our names. However long we are caught in this opening, we can’t realize who did this. Erdogdu, you know what to do. currently pre-arranged the truck, my Bey. We want to escape before the monitoring alps come. This isn’t the ideal opportunity but…How could we at any point leave the clan in the sunshine? Raise him!- Please!-

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Watch Kurulus Osman Season 3 Urdu Hindi Dubbed Episode No.127

Pivot! My Sheykh!Come on! Please! Come inside to help! Please! Please! Clutch my Sheykh! Hang on! Please! Please! Clutch my Sheykh!My Bey!My Bey! My Bey, we tracked down the truck that got the apples to the hotel a road. However, nobody was near. Help! Remove my Sheykh. I will destroy the arrangement of that evil presence! Please! Fast! Assist here!TrapTrapYou with accursing bastard!Dog of the devils! Their arrangements go on and on forever! I will cause him to talk in the cabin! Bring him after me! Please! As you order my Bey Get up! Please! Move! Come on!Move!What would you say you are conveying, sibling Erdogdu? I’m carrying food to local towns, siblings. Osman Bey’s requests. He believed I should finish Gunduz Bey’s incomplete obligations. Selvi Hatun.Selvi Hatun.I saw something, yet I don’t know whom to address. What happened Cornelia? Tell me.

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Tell me. Tell me, Cornelia. What did you see? Gunduz…Gunduz Bey and Ayse Hatun were getting away. What are you talking about, Cornelia? How might they escape from the clan? How might they escape from the clan? I saw them entering barrels. Erdogdu is assisting them with getting away. Erdogdu!Do you know what direction they are headed? I know. Might it be said that you are frightened you should haveHang on my Sheykh? Hold tight. Hold tight my Sheykh.In the name of Allah. Hold tight my Sheykh. Hold tight. Hold tight. Father?Father? What was the deal? Kumral Abdal what was the deal? How is my Sheykh?Allah will recuperate him Bala Hatun.His wound is profound. He lost a great deal of blood. We’ll recuperate him and stand by. Hold tight dad. Hold tight. Try not to let us be. Hold tight. Hold tight. I was unable to safeguard my Sheykh Bala Hatun. Please accept my apologies. Please accept my apologies. Assuming my Sheykh awakened now…If my Sheykh awakened now……he’d say, “Be patient when you face trouble.”There’s great in all that main Allah knows.”But I can’t be quiet if you don’t say it. Father.Give me a material Kumral Abdal. Give me some material. Come soon. My Sheykh.My Sheykh.My Sheik. My Sheykh.What assuming that something terrible occurs? My Sheykh is solid. He’ll endure this. conceal the carriage. There are buckles close by,

Watch Kurulus Osman Season 3 in Urdu/Hindi Dubbing

We’ll go through the night there.EyvAllah my Bey.Gunduz.How will we demonstrate we’re blameless? We’ll track down them Ayse. We’ll observe the ones who did this. You can relax. My Bey. Somebody’s coming. Ayse. Ayse run! Come on. Gunduz Bey where are you going? Come on Ayse. How about we go catch them. For what reason didn’t you remain with Bala Hatun? There are an adequate number of individuals at the hotel. The Alps. Watch out. They destroyed everything. Who……would do this Cerkutay? I don’t have the foggiest idea. But…..we’ll find out. We can revamp it.

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