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Ghazi Osman Season 3 Episode 153

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The idea of people is to will more often than not commit errors. We are subjects. What is significant is to atone. What is significant is to atone and take cover in Allah’s leniency. Try not to save your benevolence from someone……who takes cover in Allah’s absolution. Forgiveness……is the sunnah of Allah’s prophet. Let the state you dream…..become more prominent with its benevolence however much its strength. Pardon your sibling. Demise will guarantee each of the one days. However, I won’t take your breath today. Ask pardoning from my Rabb. Allow him to pardon you first. I fell into a filthy snare, sibling. At the point when I was attempting to do good……I

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Watch Kurulus Osman Season 3 Urdu Hindi Dubbed Episode No.153

You are a tough lady. You can stand. Hold tight! Hold tight in there. Hold tight. It will be hard. Extremely hard. Good gracious. She wants strength. Go to the recuperating tent and request that the birthing specialist gets ready sherbet. She knows what to do. What’s more, bring it when it bubbles. I’ll deal with it, mother.Mother.If no one but I could stand by a piece longer and Osman could be here. Osman will be back. He and you will embrace your child together, inshaAllah.My Osman will come. Also, my child will be conceived soundly. This is Episode No 83 of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 19 of Season 3 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Captions by GiveMe5. The opportunity has arrived, sibling. Our streets have been isolated. You are out and about of Haqq…..and my eyes were curtained by visual impairment. I committed an error. I’ve joined the visually impaired ones. My blood is halal for you now, sibling. Come on, sibling. Come on. From now on……the just arrangement is at the tip of my sword, my Sheykh. It is at the tip of your sword. However……the blade that will wake Gunduz from the rest of their blindness……is not the sword on your belt. It is the benevolence in your heart. It is absolution. Regardless of whether he everything?

First the pit! And afterward hellfire! Stop that! Do you show no kindness? Leave him! I’ll bring him down there Kanamariiz var Komuiari uc^iatu authority Geyhatu.. bize yeti^ecek I will gauze your wound. . muhafizlar bize yeti^ecek Watchmen will find us. Take it out. Cerkutay, sibling. Your Osman Bey turned his back and left. He passed on you to my leniency which is heedless to rebels. Set up the logs, come on. Your remorselessness is……as high as the sky. Vizier Alemshah.Let us treat our injured companion at any rate. Vizier No need for that. All of you will kick the bucket ultimately. Osman ought to know…..I’ve caught you first. That will be your end. Take those defiant dogs……from here. Put them where they deserve……as they merit. Please! Hang on. Hang tight, Cerkutay. Simple! Simple! He’s somewhere near here. Turgut Bey. They’re close. Come on. Geyhatu!Stop there. Stop there so……we can complete what we began. Osman.Beni oldurmek Osman kolay olsaydi…If it were easy…Beni oldurmek Osman, kolay olsaydi …to kill me, Osman, L-I-u] dp’X, have lived so long.Let’s go, officer Geyhatu. Mother, I can’t handle it! Show restraint, my young lady. It will be okay

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Watch Kurulus Osman Season 3 in Urdu/Hindi Dubbing

Right, mother? My young lady. No one has at any point remained there. It will go here too. In any case, it appears it will be obstinate like the dad. My Bey! Siblings, please! Cerkutay, sibling. Hang on. Hang tight, sibling. Hang tight, sibling. Turan, hold it solidly! Try not to allow the weight to fall on the front. Cerkutay. Hang tight, sibling. Come on, siblings! Hold it emphatically! You’re okay. It’s okay. Easy!Brother! Cerkutay.Cerkutay, hang on. Hang on. Hang tight, brother.Brother.- Cerkutay.- Brother. Come on, come on. Quiet down! Vizier, let my sibling go in any event. All of you will get what you merit.

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