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Ghazi Osman Season 3 Episode 21

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Suppose we become subjects to your flag lordship What will we receive consequently? Might it be said that you will attempt to kill me once more? Also rum our clan with unrest9 Assuming I needed to, I would kill You wouldn’t be remaining before me. Responding to your inquiry. Kayi clan will get what it needs. Furthermore, it will give anything it desires to anybody. Furthermore, nothing will happen to Osman What do you say Gunduz Bey9 Gracious Bala. That Alisar is returning once more. Selcan Hatun. I heard, honey I heard. I was headed to find it To see the reason why he came and what he needs. m worried he’s back more grounded, Selcan Hatun He’ll be a more serious issue now. Similarly, as we said we’re liberated from Mongol difficulty May Allah makes Gunduz not show his delicate side Osman isn’t here by the same token. Assuming we give up to this jerk, he’ll be in a tight spot altogether We should. There’s something different as well.

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Watch Kurulus Osman Season 3 Urdu Hindi Dubbed Episode No.21

On the off chance that you didn’t make Gunduz Bey the subject my sibling might, in any case, be alive My sibling kicked the bucket on account of you Due to you What might it matter assuming you shut me up at this point? oMt yo0 Shut up. I tell you! Quiet down! Get out! Get out! Those that discarded us as though we aren’t anything, will not pull off it, child. May Allah end my life assuming it was my shortcoming that you kicked the bucket. Yet, I won’t stop before rendering your retribution. May the earth never acknowledge me before I end Osman’s life! May it be haram (illegal) as far as I might be concerned, child! May it be haram (illegal) for me! I have come to your oba as the Sanjac Bey. Gunduz Bey. The one that killed my alps, that shot me with bolts. Was that not you. Alisar Bey? Presently you are before me, anticipating regard from me. with a useless piece of content from Mongols? It sometimes falls short for us to let somebody that turns into the canine of the Mongols sits on it My Allah, to praise your name, I began my excursion with your name. My head that I raised against the malevolent ones. I just bow it to you I just anticipate kindness from you. My Allah, in my battle against the adversary, don’t make me come up short. Try not to make me crushed. Try not to transform me into one of the people who are later notoriety and brilliance. Make me temperate and solid The needy individuals that heard us ought to be protected The shrewd ones that harbor prayers^should-be apprehensive! So be it, This mercilessness will be finished. The time will change. Wake up. child. try not to relax!

They need to shed their toxic substance Don’t you get it7 who parted from his nearest Alps.. to shield the clan from Geyhatu’s resentment and Balgay. No one but you can observe where he is as the Sanjak Bey. Osman isn’t our concern now. Alisar Bey said that assuming Geyhatu comes, you’ll search for Balgay We’re searching for Dundar right from the start. Gunduz Bey. Your ignorance will consume the clan. You’re not on the right way Bamsi Bey doesn’t have the foggiest idea about a ton about governmental issues. Your occupation is hard. Gunduz Bey. I have another thing to tell you, Bamsi Bey! What is it, Dumrul, for what reason would you say you are in a hurry? Bey, Abdurrahman Ghazi. What befell Abdurrahman Ghazi? We thought that he is in the backwoods, he is intensely injured. Erkut Snow-capped mountain… Abdurrahman Ghazi, where is he ? Bey, the alps took him to a recuperating tent No, noa t mending tent Yet he is vigorously injured. Don’t you know it’s Osman’s orders, there are charlatans in the clan, that are as yet faithful to Dundar Bey? we can never know what the alps may do. Dumrul, everybody will believe that Abdurrahman is dead We will make his treatment outside of the clan. Go to the mending tent, take whatever is vital.

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Watch Kurulus Osman Season 3 in Urdu/Hindi Dubbing

Both as a standard ruler, And as the roaming sibling clans well We don’t have a sibling that respects the persecution of the Mongols About the flag master part. However long you are reasonable. We won’t bring you any hardship. What is your obligation? We should discuss this serenely, outside. Geyhatu knows about everything. He doesn’t need inconvenience on the boundary What does he need then Alisar Bey9 For us to respect raging canines like Balgay? For us to kneel and stay silent against their mistreatment? I need to get Geyhatu far from the line, Bamsi Bey! My obligation is to take Osman to Konya Geyhatu needs to get familiar with the Laws of Genghis Khan, And what befell Balgay. If not, he will come by and by If Geyhatu comes… Numerous clans will desire for Balgay. Presently, Alisar Bey… Osman isn’t here. Notwithstanding regardless of whether he was Neither your solidarity would be to the point of taking him, Nor Geyhatu’s.

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