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Ghazi Osman Season 3 Episode 22

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Come on child. come on The princess ought not to show up at Konya Nobody that goes with her will be left alive Will we kill the princess also, Bey? It doesn’t exactly measure up for us to kill an honest lady We should need to kill her Yet assuming whatever would harm the mission, you know what to do. I know, Bey When the fire begins, it consumes everything. They are coming. Boran Bey. they are not packed. Since they are in their territories they trust themselves to an extreme. As a result of them, they will be pursued down ill-equipped Abdurrahman? Abdurrahman, who did thisjto you. sibling?

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Watch Kurulus Osman Season 3 Urdu Hindi Dubbed Episode No.22

They need to shed their toxic substance Don’t you get it7 who parted from his nearest Alps.. to shield the clan from Geyhatu’s resentment and Balgay. No one but you can observe where he is as the Sanjak Bey. Osman isn’t our concern now. Alisar Bey said that assuming Geyhatu comes, you’ll search for Balgay We’re searching for Dundar right from the start. Gunduz Bey. Your ignorance will consume the clan. You’re not on the right way Bamsi Bey doesn’t have the foggiest idea about a ton about governmental issues. Your occupation is hard. Gunduz Bey. I have another thing to tell you, Bamsi Bey! What is it, Dumrul, for what reason would you say you are in a hurry? Bey, Abdurrahman Ghazi. What befell Abdurrahman Ghazi? We thought that he is in the backwoods, he is intensely injured. Erkut Snow-capped mountain… Abdurrahman Ghazi, where is he ? Bey, the alps took him to a recuperating tent No, noa t mending tent Yet he is vigorously injured. Don’t you know it’s Osman’s orders, there are charlatans in the clan, that are as yet faithful to Dundar Bey? we can never know what the alps may do. Dumrul, everybody will believe that Abdurrahman is dead We will make his treatment outside of the clan. Go to the mending tent, take whatever is vital. Then, at that point, tell Gunduz Bey without Alisar seeing Eyvallah

stays Suppose we become subjects to your flag lordship What will we receive consequently? Might it be said that you will attempt to kill me once more? Also rum our clan with unrest9 Assuming I needed to, I would kill You wouldn’t be remaining before me. Responding to your inquiry. Kayi clan will get what it needs. Furthermore, it will give anything it desires to anybody. Furthermore, nothing will happen to Osman What do you say Gunduz Bey9 Gracious Bala. That Alisar is returning once more. Selcan Hatun. I heard, honey I heard. I was headed to find it To see the reason why he came and what he needs. m worried he’s back more grounded, Selcan Hatun He’ll be a more serious issue now. Similarly, as we said we’re liberated from Mongol difficulty May Allah makes Gunduz not show his delicate side Osman isn’t here by the same token. Assuming we give up to this jerk, he’ll be in a tight spot altogether We should. There’s something different as well.

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Watch Kurulus Osman Season 3 in Urdu/Hindi Dubbing

I put the Alps to Sogut as you requested They’re ready against Balgay’s strike Thank you, Bamsi Bey. This… We put the Alps to this Kurna Slope and Sahin Slope Now no one will be shown benevolence who enter to Sogut. Much obliged to you, Bamsi Bey. Gunduz Bey. If Abdurrahman Gazi brought Dundar Bey… we should hold the Salaat (supplication) for the burial service Abdurrahman Gazi is as yet not here, Bamsi Bey. What are you saying, Gunduz Bey? It’s so close I truly want to believe that they are OK. I ought to proceed to ask the Alps My Bey. Alisar Bey is moving toward the clan with the Seljukian Warriors. We’ll just allow his head to leave here My Batur. Try not to leave me. child Don’t go my wonderful child Don’t leave me. child Take me as well. Take me as well, child. Assuming sibling Batur realized that you went to the Mongols. that you requested assistance from Balgay would he take a gander at your face9 What might he say? Quiet down! I will not quiet down.

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