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Osman Season 2 Enif TV Dubbing Episode 143

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This is Episode number 143 of Kurulus Osman Season 2 in Urdu dubbing. Watch Kurulus Osman in Urdu Dubbing on Enif TV. Enif TV is the pioneer of Urdu Dubbing in Pakistan. First Urdu Dubbing of Kurulus Osman series started by Enif Tv. Now we are Dubbing Famous Uzubkistan series known as Mendirman Jalaluddin. Now read the summary of this episode.

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our little girl Malhun……can’t go to your grave to pray.Ravens will benefit from your corpse.Protect Togay1We didn’t come to spill blood.We came to help you to remember our understanding Togay.Make way*Umur Bey……didn’t just lack of regard me……but likewise you.He will follow through on the price.He paid the cost for what he did.As for me..Umur Bey and his clan are under my protection.I get to rebuff him as indicated by our tore.It is simply difficult. Osman Bey.It isn’t that easy.VI could never leave……a bey under my protection……to your hands since he resisted me. Know that.If anything happens to Umur Bey……our arrangement will be off.You and I made a deal.In these grounds, I will pay allegiance……and you will suffocate in gold.Just as Genghis Khan said…Ya anla^maya uy…Either conform to the deal…Either consent to the deal…

Watch Kurulus Osman Season 2 Urdu Hindi Enif TV Dubbed Episode No.143

Olume.With death.On the one hand…..Genghis Khan’s Laws that Mongolians are subject to.And on the other…..Togay’s fury.Which one would Geyhatu choose?Tell me.Your tongue is pretty much as sharp as your weapon.But it isn’t sharp as my sword.When the time comes……it will get out of……its sheath for you.You should realize that, Osman Bey.Now, we will leave here peacefully.I might want to believe…..you have sufficient pride to permit that.Umur Bey.uewsoBack in the day….when I went to nvade China……there was a bey with a harsh tone actually like yours in Wuhan….sentenced him to live in a well until he died.Do you know why?

The main way out for insubordinate spirits like you……is death.Allah is my witness.If we fall into any wells……we can get out as well.Come on. You made the best decision, Togay.Osman thinks he won.I will give him such an awful death…It will be……even more merciless than a dull well. Osman Bey.Yes, Umur Bey.Long live Osman Bey.- What I did there- – What you did there……was a good act.You needed to pay for your mistake……with your life there.However……I never let a Turkmen Bey……go to death inan clear manner.You are a man of your assertion, Osman Bey.You neither acquiescence your sword……nor your brothers.You neither let your banner fall……neither let Muslims suffer.Astagf I ru I la h. Astagfirullah.From now on……I am not against you.If you permit me……I need to be next to you.Osman Bey.How could you realize I was going to Togay?What is up, Kumral Abdal?You can what is up all alone, Osman Bey.Tell me then.Umur Bey went to the hotel last night.He resembled an injured bird.He imparted his inconveniences to our Sheykh and took off without saying anything before the dawn.

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Where would he say he is going again?Listen to me, Osman Bey.When I saw the bird was flying, I followed him.He went in the timberland and disappeared.How would he say he was acting? What was his intention?It resembled he planned to pay a price.He more likely than not gone to remain before Togay.Togay.Togay will kill him.Kumral Abdal is our light.Thank Allah.*Thank Allah, he was correct again.Osman Bey.Brother.I need to go to the clan with a portion of our Alps right away.Go promptly brother.I can’t confide in anybody yet you now.I take Umur Bey…I take Umur Bey to the clan personally.Eyvallah.Long live, fearless warriors.Long live, bold warriors.You didn’t leave us alone.Eyvallah, Umur Bey.Ey valla hDisputes are impermanent, Umur Bey.What is long-lasting is our brotherhood.Osman Bey.Brother.Come on, Alps1-Come on.- We are going to the tribe. Come on!Come on!Gather each high mountain, we will look through each clan, palace, and backwoods to track down my dad if necessary.Is there any high mountain around here that saw as a .follow to my father? Unfortunately, my woman. The Alps don’t have the foggiest idea where our Bey is.They looked around cautiously, however they couldn’t observe a trace.Where are you, father?Where are you7Father, where were you7 We got worried.Osman Bey will be our visitor.

Watch Kurulus Osman Season 2 in Urdu/Hindi Dubbing

But…..I went to pay for the mix-up I have done.Are you saying that you went to your demise, my Bey?I didn’t want…..more guiltless individuals to get injured on account of me.How did you figure out how to escape7 When Togay was going to kill me……Osman Bey came……and saved me.Thank you, Osman Bey.Our obligation to you increases.I don’t have a clue how we can reimburse you.I did my duty.There is no reason for discussing these now.And the matter with Togay is agreed to a while.Now……it’s an ideal opportunity to discuss our future.Are we going to in any case move when we are in this condition, my Bey?There’s no good reason for discussing this.Now…Now we’re together.No one…No one will leave.Osman Bey is correct my girl.Osman Bey is correct my girl.Osman Bey is correct my girl.We will not be separated any longer.It is clear……whom the Turk’s future relies upon.

We will talk in there.Sit down.I went to see Togay, to settle…I went to see Togay, to settle…I went to see Togay, to settle…I went to see Togay, to settle……the matter between us….the matter between us….the matter between us….the matter between us.Why did you do that, father?How could you believe that bastard?How could you not feel that he would need to kill you?I did, my daughter.I did.

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