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Younas Emry Ep 3 Urdu Dubbed

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Taptuk gave Yunus the duty of carrying a wood from the forest to the dergah, the dervish lodge, and Yunus was a really conscientious pupil in his service there. This suggests he thought bent or curving pieces of wood weren’t deserved the dergah, that only straight pieces were acceptable. Whenever he returned from the forest Yunus was seen carrying unbent branches of wood to the dergah. However, this scrupulous concern for his duty caused a series of painful injuries at his back, of which Yunus said nothing. Gharib Yunus, strange, secret Yunus, albeit his back was covered with the injuries of those injuries, he still delivered the wood. Because of the injuries hurt if he tried to unload one piece at a time, carefully, he would just fling it all to the bottom directly. Once they saw him do that, a number of the dervishes who were envious of Yunus ran to Taptuk Emre and complained, “Yunus is already tired of service to you; now he’s throwing the wood around and scattering what he brings to the dergah everywhere.” Taptuk Emre replied, “Give him a beating! He has got to hand over this duty and be punished.” They went back to Yunus, beat him within an in of his life then shoved him outside the gate.

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Now his body was almost out of the dergah, apart from his head which was still inside. Yunus whispered, “Al-hamdu lillah, all praise to Allah, my head remains inside.” As soon as Taptuk heard what Yunus said, he is rushed to embrace him with tears in his eyes, then he turned to the dervishes who had beaten Yunus and said angrily, “You tried to kill him, but I told you to beat him. Now I even have heard what I wanted to listen to.” Taptuk Emre himself cleansed Yunus’ wounds and healed them; he never had him fetch wood for the dergah again.

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One day, when Taptuk presided over a gathering together with his dervishes he turned to Yunus and said, “Recite your poems, my Yunus, recite your poems!” Yunus began to recite the words of the poems we all know today. The envious dervishes, furious with this recognition, couldn’t tolerate his presence within the dergah anymore, and that they began to accuse him, to bring charges against him with never-ending intrigues. Offended by the plots against him, Yunus asked Taptuk for permission to go away, “I know it isn’t easy to be a dervish; so let me enter the planet with my solitude, my otherness, I will be able to become an intimate friend of these who sorrow.” Yunus traveled on foot, miles and miles through the steppes of Anatolia.

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There was a time during his travels when he realized the maturity of the state he had reached on the trail. At some point while he wandered the steppes of Anatolia, he encountered two traveling dervishes who invited him to accompany them. At the dusk of the primary day, one among the dervishes prayed to God posing for food to eat: no sooner had he finished his prayer than a well-prepared dinner appeared. Yunus was amazed. On the second day at supper time, the opposite dervish prayed and a meal even as good because the first one appeared. Yunus began to stress he might in his turn, be asked to supply a meal, and indeed, on the subsequent day the 2 dervishes asked Yunus for his prayer to beg God for food. Yunus prayed silently, “O my God, I don’t know such prayers, but I invite an equivalent name that my friends utilized in their prayer to You, please, may You not embarrass me.”

As soon as he finished his prayer, twice the quantity of food that they had eaten on the previous days appeared.

The 2 dervishes were very surprised and asked Yunus, “In whose name did you pray to God?” Yunus replied, “First, tell me in whose name you prayed.” They answered that they had prayed within the name of a dervish called Yunus from Taptuk Emre’s dergah. After that, Yunus returned to Taptuk who gave him this explanation, “We would have delivered you to Haqq, to God, as a sealed chest, but you hurried away and opened your mouth. From today on you’ll be the intimate friend of the gharibs, the strangers, the hidden beings, and people who sorrow. This is often your path, go, do your duty!” then Yunus traveled every sq in of the steppes of Anatolia on foot by day and by night.

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