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Payamber Yusuf A.S English Dubbing Episode 10

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is   me  foreign foreign  my  so   oh the most merciful of merciful  where now is the gift you bestowed upon me  the great do not take back the gifts they have given please return my joseph please return to me my joseph  [Applause]   may god keep you safe wherever you are i am certain you are alive ask our children once again what they have done with joseph perhaps they will confess to their mistake and tell the truth why are you so certain joseph is not dead two reasons first the shirt had not been torn by the wolves and second my heart has never lied to me  very well although i am not hopeful i’ll ask them again  i want them to confess to their sin and repent and then god may forgive them i have already told you we didn’t see it we’re sure the wolves killed joseph how often must we say it even if you say it a thousand times you’ll still have lied if you were still children i’d flog you if the wolves had killed joseph why is his shirt intact we don’t know either it is also a mystery to us i curse all of you you are all liars the wolves did not do it it was a different kind of wolf you are the wolves  i know again they say the wolves killed joseph i hope they come to their senses before it’s too late [Applause] [Applause] uh all right [Applause] [Applause] they cook they do house choice and they’re good wives they will work for you for many years this one is very obedient [Applause] don’t sell him my heart tells me not to sell him but you saw it for yourself he wants to be sold how much is that boy there i don’t know how to sell slaves i just know he’s beautiful clever and literate he has other skills too that raise his price i won’t sell him cheaply he could be a good servant for the temple and as a priest maybe attract people to the temple in the future try to buy him shall i start with 57 [Applause] how about 50 devin your excellency his price is much higher 100 much more even than that he eats little but works much me we must congratulate excellency potiphar on his good taste he has chosen the best place to buy slaves welcome i hope i may satisfy you with these slaves look he can work like two horses how much 200 now this one here it says shimmer as a sheep i’ll only give you a hundred devin excellency they are worth more they’re worth much more yes he’s so beautiful and innocent  do not be sad joseph today they will buy you but someday you will buy them all  what do they want from me why have they gathered here beauty exists in everybody but it is not overt the gem of humans existence is being displayed in you they are watching the essence and truth of  but not pay attention to the beauty within themselves to see the beauty inside themselves requires insight but the truth personified in you can be seen even by the simple eye not everybody benefits from insight but everybody has sight then i am like them if they knew the true beauty inside them they wouldn’t be so eager to buy me they are not attracted to joseph but rather they are unknowingly eager to meet god’s

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representative have you heard about the eagerness of the angels to see man 320. he is worth more than that who will offer more than 400. he is larry’s plow hello take him as well very good choice all these slaves 601 50. 55. and that is a good deal 55 devon you have chosen the very best give him 300. but they are worth more than that 320 350. these are the best  300. move on [Applause] one thousand and ten devin 1027 1100 [Applause] potiphar has joined the auction what are we going to do now don’t let him win potiphar must be defeated today 1200 is there a higher offer with that amount of money you could buy ten slaves but never mind we will try not to lose to potiphar i bid 1500 gavin a bid of 1500 devin is there a higher offer this is shameful as if they’re buying selling goods if they knew this child they would know even a mountain of gold would not be enough  two thousand three thousand three thousand three thousand three thousand devin his excellency potiphar the governor of egypt offers three thousand demons excellency potiphar has offered three thousand devin who dares to compete with excellency potiphar congratulations a slave is yours i assure you that you have bought a polite knowledgeable and literate slave in addition to that he is auspicious he has been sold to his excellency potiphar   move they will work very hard for you very hard best slaves are here    [Applause]  huh  summons olega  where did you find this unique beauty your excellency i bought him at a very dear cost whatever you paid it wasn’t enough the fool who sold such a gem should be sent to the world of the dead people sell slaves to acquire gold and gems instead this stupid slave driver sold a gem for what you are very kind but i am just a slave welcome to the home of potiphar boy thank you your excellency you have only just arrived were you missing me already may i ask the reason why i was summoned i have bought you a gift  have i seen this child before i feel that i have  where i don’t know was it perhaps in a dream he looks so familiar i must congratulate excellency potiphar on his good taste he is unique what is your name joseph joseph is either an aramaic or a hebrew name i am a hebrew i would say from canaan in syria  they are all shepherds in that area joseph joseph no i can’t abide names that belong to primitive nomadic tribes i think we will have to change it if you will allow it we will choose an egyptian name for him this child is my present to you name him whatever you like thank you my lord that is very kind if you’ll allow it i would like to suggest an egyptian name for joseph go on one similar to his existing

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name you sassief usaif i like it you saw safe i think it’s beautiful as of now your name is yusuf you like it if you like it then i shall agree i want you to treat yusuf very well he may profit us greatly and perhaps zolaika will come to like him and adopt him in the future  why not who could be better than yusuf  did you see how beautiful he is my life i have never seen one so beautiful he’s really a slave he doesn’t look like a slave  this will be your room do you like it  thank you my lady it is beautiful prepare everything for you see to rest   oh lord i thank you for saving me from slavery and for granting me comfort and peace oh joseph thus almighty god has granted you a lofty position he has taken you from the depths of the well to the peak of glory and given you the knowledge to interpret your dreams you are now more knowledgeable than the interpreters are this knowledge is inside you therefore you no longer have any use for a teacher i am grateful i’m grateful to my benevolent god   it is a loss malik and you would still have been a loser had you taken twice as much gold as joseph’s weight it is indeed a very great loss do you know what you are saying do you remember we were lost in the storm the animals stopping by the salty well why do you think that was for you to gain a profit or to save joseph i think the salty water of the well became fresh because of joseph do you remember when i slapped joseph and my hand became paralyzed and i was cured by his prayer and the touch of his hand excellency malik if you remember joseph saved my life also i was healed by his prayer  you made a profit from joseph but it was only gold and joseph was no ordinary boy he performed miracles  only prophets of god can perform miracles how did i fail to notice it who was joseph why didn’t he tell us about his family ah damn you felly you’ve spoiled our joy all this time i thought i’d made a profit but now i realize i’ve lost a great deal more  oh valley it seems i saw not a slave but a prophet of god how did we fail to notice his polite speech and the magnitude and his behavior despite free heart how did we not notice his mirror bright soul  as of this day this night i renounce all and worship his god i’ll make up for this i promise i will do something where are you going nothing can be done right now wait until morning where is excellency potiphar’s palace go straight ahead down that road you what do you want we want to meet with his excellency you must ask commissioner rodman come on commander these men wish to speak with excellency potiphar why do you want to meet with the governor of egypt excellency potiphar we sold him a slave please tell him the former owner of the slave he bought yesterday is here i asked why you wanted to see him he accidentally overpaid us and we will return the coins only to him wait right here  what’s the matter ottoman the merchant who sold you a slave yesterday wishes to meet with you  you do not seem happy hebrew  i am happy to be here but i am not happy to be a slave are we treating you as if you are a slave  your treatment of me reflects your greatness my feeling is because of my slavery bravo a calculated appropriate answer i’m hopeful for him your excellency he knows how to read and write also then everything is good about him except perhaps his tongue that needs a little trimming my lady can be certain i have no tongue to blabber and i shall not speak without the permission of his excellency potiphar nor yourself my lady very good that is better where are you from what are your parents names  what difference does it make my lady wandering in the desert and shepherding sheep are not worth talking about  did anyone ask you use our thief’s face alone bears witness to his nobility and dignity what is it merchant have you changed your mind no no i uh before i tell your excellency why i’m here may i ask permission to speak with joseph privately you see i never had a chance to bid him

Hazrat Yusuf A.S in English Dubbing Episode 10

farewell i understand yuzaseef has the effect of causing attachment  show them out to the adjacent hall  you see he cannot bear separation from user thief   i have come to ask you your name joseph i will not leave until you tell me i told you i am this no i have heard that before by the grace of the unique god tell me who you are and put my mind at ease i will tell you if you swear to god that you will not share with anybody what i tell you i swear to him i swear to abraham’s god i’m joseph son of jacob son of isaac son of abraham my god woe on me  i am your cousin you are the descendant of isaac and i am the descendant of vishma the god sacrifice  may god never forgive me what have i done  why did i sell you but i knew we were cousins and i am not upset that you sold me  i had to be brought to egypt and sold these events are god’s will and will lead to a great event  all those miracles i should have guessed that you weren’t ordinary you are a prophet woe on me for selling a prophet as a slave what can i do with this shame calm yourself rise as i said this had to happen i had to come to egypt to fulfill my prophethood you have done the right thing and for that i thank you i will make up for this mistake take this it is your slavery document signed by your owners hide it well you must stay here i do not want you to witness our quarrel i apologize to his excellency governor of the egypt i have to request a nullification of the deal i cannot sell joseph [Laughter] well done well done i had considered you a fool who did not appreciate such a gem now i see i was incorrect you have realized the value of this gem however it is a little late you should have thought about that before you sold him the deal is done your excellency i am willing to exchange all my wealth for the return of joseph please return him to me excellency did you not hear excellency potiphar said we will not return use our seat to you at any price you may offer and i said that i regretted the deal joseph is not for sale and we will not leave here without him if you continue with this insolence i will imprison you both now get out i am not leaving without joseph excellency please let us take him brother take them to prison god by my witness that i bought joseph but i did not sell him return him to me return him to me get them out of my sight return him to me give back joshua turn him to me joseph take that joseph take care of yourself returning to me your excellency please forgive them they endangered their lives for my sake they deserve to be punished severely beg of you but i shall forgive them for you go and have them released there is no need to imprison them  what do you have that the slave driver would sacrifice his life for i do not know i have no possessions what could a weak creature like joseph have so yusuf is not indebted to us any longer as what we paid for him has been returned what are we to do excellency i’m not ungrateful i shall not trade your kindness with dinar of devin  i am indeed grateful for this priceless gift carry mama take you sarsif to the bath dress him in new clothes and bring him to me yes my lady  have you noticed that contrary to others do not worry that is something he will learn i believe it is deliberate not ignorance i want joseph return him to me i want the slave i sold him to me we want joseph we won’t sell him  where is the slave we sold return joseph to us i want joseph you were fortunate if not for user cease request you would be in prison leave now and do not return i’m not leaving without joseph you will see i am telling you to go stop endangering your life but afar and his wife are not so stupid as i am to lose such a gem as joseph we have sustained a great loss you have not me by god’s kindness i have profited you have how so you lost joseph without getting anything in return but in return for losing joseph i have found joseph’s god last night i renounced the stone gods and received from joseph the gem of monotheism right my god i have lost greatly although i didn’t sell the prophet of god i will never forgive myself as long as i live go to my homeland and promote monotheism from now on  as long as joseph is in this city i cannot leave let’s go to the caravan  

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