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Payamber Yusuf A.S English Dubbing Episode 8

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 is  foreign foreign   so  so  so   okay  i don’t know how i survived will this ridiculous party never end i’m scared it’s dark here how did you pass last night i was very scared i had to sleep among the animals how could you just leave me here and go away how could you sleep in a soft bed knowing i had to sleep in hard stones we had no choice we had to go so simeon judah what’s that  it’s a storm we have to take shelter move enough levi there’s a storm we have to take shelter we have to leave there’s a storm coming i’ll return don’t worry levi levi what’s the matter watch the animals don’t disperse make sure your luggage is secured holly watch the caravan be careful don’t lose each other the lord is thirsty everyone in the caravan is thirsty be careful where’s the well we’re almost there hold on excellent schematic keep our direction i will lose our way in the storm storm vanished what was it what an unusual storm it started and ended so suddenly where are we may the gods have mercy we’ve lost our way it’s as if the storm came to mislead us it started suddenly and then ended just as suddenly joseph what should we do i don’t know i don’t know this place the storm has ended don’t worry i’m here i’m scared it’s dark in here get me out i can’t i really can’t the movement of the birds could be a sign let’s go that way all right we’re going mount up how do you know it’s the right way well we have to go someway i trust in the god of my ancestor abraham i hope we’ll find the way and if we don’t the thirst will kill everyone see how much water we have very little half a water skin give water to whoever is thirsty what about us if we run out we’ll die we live together and die together if there is water then it’s for everyone it’s not proper to think only of yourself [Applause] hmm why did i not value him god entrusted him to me he was destined to become god’s messenger on earth i wasn’t a good father i didn’t love my child enough if i had of i wouldn’t have given him to his enemy do you really consider my children joseph’s enemies do you think otherwise my brothers didn’t like joseph i wish he hadn’t gone with them i sent him with them i am to blame  i wish i hadn’t sent him with them how i wish that i had not   hold on i hear something so there’s a caravan coming right this way you’re right but caravans rarely come this way what are they doing here we’re out of sight they won’t see us even if they don’t see us what about the sheep there’s enough time the caravan is still far away naftali yes take the herd away stop when you can’t see this tree and hell now they can’t see the herd i know that tree and the hills beside it we are three leagues from canaan there is a well by that tree let me give the good news to the caravan there’s no use the water in that well is salty are you sure the water is salty i’ve passed here a few times even the animals can’t drink from this water the people will die at first think of something the best thing to do is go to the next well quickly and find water before nightfall

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Watch Online Payamber Yusuf A.S in English Dubbing

otherwise both the people and the animals will suffer let’s go everyone move on we must move faster  so my kind lord although my brothers wronged me i know you are kind to me save me from this well i vow if i’m rescued i’ll worship nothing but you all my life and always obey you [Applause]  [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] so [Applause]  [Applause] don’t beat them there’s no point we’ll rest here alone what is this they have smelled the water the animals don’t know of the water i don’t understand what’s happened at all what’s the matter with these animals what what it has water did you hear what’s the use if it’s salty  water are you sure it’s not drinkable the old man is very sick and thirsty why don’t we take some and test it perhaps the animals can test it don’t try uselessly i told you it’s salty no harm in trying as you wish bucket what’ll you do if they take him out of the well that’s good didn’t you want him to be found and taken by a caravan you want him to let them take a brother away you’re right we mustn’t let them have him for free that’s not what i meant what you meant isn’t important the important thing is joseph can be sold for a lot you mean to tell them we’re selling our brother no we’ll say we’ll say we’re selling our runaway slave   i’ll go up in this bucket    so  fresh water yes you’re right it’s not salty fresh water it’s drinking water it’s drinking water it’s fresh water fresh water how strange see it’s good that is strange i wonder what happened i’m certain the water was salty before but come drink fresh water  you are destined to save a large number of servants of god they are destined to rescue you get into the bucket so that you may be rescued and will i go to father when i am rescued no your destiny is to save a large number of servants of god you will travel to a faraway land with this caravan what about father i love him you must bear your separation for many years it is the will of god do not reveal your name to the people in this caravan whatever they ask you answer only i am the son of the well but my father can’t bear my separation bearing your separation is better than grieving for your death if you return to your father your brothers will kill you remember keep silent and submit to god’s will you are destined to save a large number of servants of god  [Applause] you are destined to save a large servant of give me god hand this one is very heavy pull it  ah   so  do you   so  joseph at last so you do have a tongue tell me where are you from which town which tribe i cannot say i don’t want to return to them they want to murder me you mean your family wants to kill you they dumped me in this well oh dear but you must return to them take me with you i don’t want to return home what about your parents no i cannot take you with me

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then let me go somewhere somewhere where they will never find me what should we do with him fellaini i think we should take him if his family had wanted him they would not have left him such an innocent face can’t be lying if his life is really in danger and save him we must he could be a slave such a beautiful child would bring a fortune if we were to sell him i would like that i want you to sell me as a slave please just take me far away from here that isn’t the face of a slave nevertheless hide him and we will take him if his family come we will deny everything if you want us to take you then you must be quiet and hide in one of those boxes do you agree i agree none of us has seen a child right a child what child we haven’t seen a child not in this desert anyway take enough water we must set out as soon as possible who are they what if they are abandoned guards give us back our slave what slave the one you took out of the well the one you’re hiding behind your back what was your slave doing in the well well he jumped into it we didn’t dump him there yet you didn’t save him we had just gone to get some rope and then well now he is our slave we will never and what if he doesn’t want to come back with you that isn’t his decision he has no rights he must obey his lord ah that is if he admits that he is your slave what do you mean if he doesn’t admit it he doesn’t want to go with you and you can’t stop him i’m not giving him to you why don’t you just ask him if he’s our slave he’ll tell you that he’s our slave you don’t need to fear them he can’t hurt you while i’m here are you their slave do you belong to them i was not taught to lie they are my elders and can decide i grew up beside them they are my family see i told you he is our slave his words are ambiguous speak clearly are you their slave they are my elders and can decide for me i still do not have a clear answer we can decide not to return joseph to you then we will take him by force be certain that you are the ones who will be killed and you can be certain your casualties will not be less than ours are you really ready to kill or be killed for this playful runaway slave stop it why untie with teeth a knot that can be undone by hand  you can only dream to kill joseph do not think that i do not know why you want him back so badly if you don’t want me to reveal everything to father then give him to them and end it you hold the winning card  but i will sort you out in time i don’t think that you want to shed blood just to possess that slave although i doubt that joseph is a slave i will let him go do you want to go with them why do you make signs if you don’t want to serve us then we do not want a playful runaway slave like you we will sell him to you are you prepared to buy him may i ask the reason for this change decision it is not without reason we’re tired of running after him and looking for him how much do you want a thousand dirham no he’s worth more than that being handsome and intelligent a thousand dirham for a playful runaway slave no i will not pay that much i don’t even have that much i have spent my money on merchandise we were to separate him from father not sell him be quiet why should we not make a profit you must either accept what he offers or return joseph to father choose how much have you got i have just these 18 coins i know it is not enough for joseph well we aren’t greedy people indeed we are far more principled than to be after the gold and silver of the world you can see we easily waive a great profit for selling our slave and are content with a low price you can be sure your snide remarks will not go unanswered what do you say will you sell your slave or not we will he’s yours now but there are conditions what conditions you must tie him up so he doesn’t run away also you must take him far away so that he’s unable to ever return if i see you in canaan one more time you’re dead  i must have a document for this slave or nobody will buy him from me that’s easy ali get the leather and ink don’t worry they are better than us go with them here is dangerous forgive me that I

Hazrat Yusuf A.S in English Dubbing Episode 8

couldn’t help this is the will of god i must go with this caravan but i’m worried about my brothers may god have mercy on you i will pray for you all levi and don’t let father suffer because of my separation comfort him write the slaves descriptions and your satisfaction with selling him and don’t forget that your names and seal must be on the document levi look after benjamin i want to kiss you goodbye but they will become suspicious take care of yourself god is with you trust in god he will keep you safe in the future  go and tie his hands if he runs away you will be held responsible put the documents in the box and let us set off  shall we leave wait we must make sure they’re gone oh let’s go  [Applause]  [Applause]  [Applause]  [Applause]  [Applause]  [Applause]  what is the reason for your crying i wish i could bid farewell to my sellers none of them bid me farewell that is strange i saw no sign of love for you in them and nothing but fear of them in you so why are you eager to bid them farewell even though they hate me i love all of them forget the past as of now you are my slave and must get used to it the sellers of the slave aren’t qualified are they i don’t know what their deception was they rushed to us wanted to fight us and then they sold him for only 18 dirham i couldn’t figure them out either  [Applause]  [Applause]  hmm  i feel that joseph does not feel well  my heart is restive in my chest  the day came to an end but jacob is still waiting if the children find a sign of joseph jacob will then calm down  i confess that i am feeling guilty may god forgive us we wanted joseph not to be superior we didn’t want him to be killed jacob won’t believe that and joseph has been killed   [Applause] [Applause] are you useless there were many wolves that i was all alone they attacked from all sides what could i do alone none of our sheep have ever been killed by wolves why now they will always kill our sheep from now on many disasters will befall us now when we attack an innocent lamb then we must await the wolves this is the first of many disasters i’m so tired of your sarcasm damn you you’re the troublemaker amongst us brothers shut up levi you’re the troublemaker   [Applause]  [Applause]  so   stop the hebrew slave has run away  did you see him the hebrew child no i didn’t know that you were bringing him when i looked back he wasn’t there why do you want him folly told me to watch him if he isn’t found i’ll be punished severely  you  

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