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Payamber Yusuf A.S English Dubbing Episode 6

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go go on he goes alone once a week to mockpella isn’t it better not to interrupt his prey he doesn’t do anything else when he’s praying he is on his own now in mark pelos today is our best chance to talk to him alone without anyone’s interference go let’s see what you can do hello father hello father hello sons you’re worshiping god in private father will you pray for us too i am always praying for you my sons what are you doing here you know that i do not do anything else today we want to ask permission to take joseph to the planes why is that why do you want to take joseph to the plains there is no particular reason we just wanted to take joseph to the plains so that he can play and we can teach him the ways of shepherding now is joseph’s childhood and playing time when he grows up more then he can go to the plains with you we promise to take good care of him yes father we promise it’s too soon later later  i should have known you were incapable of doing such a simple task if you were so capable why didn’t you do it  we are the sons of a prophet i knew killing joseph was the only option and levi’s suggestion was useless father will never be separated from joseph you obviously can’t kill joseph in front of father can you first we must separate joseph from father and then think of a plan i think i have an idea there is only one person who can convince father to let joseph come with us and that person is joseph himself we will tempt joseph by talking of the joys of playing on the planes and if he wants to come with us brothers then father will surely not object yes that’s good we’ll try   uh do you really want to stay home all the time and play with benjamin and dina well yes i love playing with benjamin and dina of course i love playing with benjamin and dina as well but it’s much more fun playing in the mountains than the planes why don’t you move the herd we’re waiting for our brothers aren’t you going to the pasture today we were just about to leave but we want permission to take joseph along as well why don’t you let joseph come and play with us he can help us and play a little bit as well the planes are so beautiful and full of plants have you ever eaten raspberries [Applause] no how does it taste beautiful they’re so tasty i love them have you ever seen sprouting springs and flowing streams as joseph lacks a mother i have promised to take care of him upon his mother’s request besides parents must look after their little children more than their grown ones people taunt us with asking does your father not trust you to take joseph with you to the plains why don’t you let them take him today just to stop the people talking because he’s a child and i’m used to having him here although going to the planes and working would be constructive it’s still too soon for him to run after the herd father we were younger than joseph when we went to the plains you didn’t go alone i’ll take joseph to the plains gradually and teach him i agree he must learn but it’s too soon for him yet we can teach him how to work with the sheep and because we’re his brothers we would be kind i would like nothing more than for joseph to grow up and gain experience but he’s only a child and he is attached to me and being in this house as soon as you left he’d be asking to return because he missed me we would keep him playing and busy so that he wouldn’t even miss the house he would have so much fun playing in the stream all brothers should play together and wrestle and swim and have fun together and we would eat we would have hot milk and roasted meat i don’t think father trusts us it’s not you i don’t trust it’s the wolves on the plains i fear you may become distracted by the herd and

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perhaps not even notice the wolves i saw wolves chasing a child in my dream that’s a lame excuse father you watched us kill that other wolf we’re ten strong young men capable of killing a wolf do you think it’s so weak we can’t protect our brother even against a single wolf please father will you send me to the planes with my brothers you’re still too young my son play with children your own age but i am growing up and i would like to play with my elder brothers please allow me to go with them look father joseph wants to come with us yes father please let joseph come with us please father allow me to go to the plains with my brothers father please  very well then thank you father we appreciate it all right joseph we better leave let’s go  wait i must get joseph freddy  no problem come on my son  look after joseph he is not used to the hardships you are don’t worry mother we won’t let him suffer any hardships don’t go far from your brothers and look after yourself my son put on this cape it’s too big for me put it on and you’ll find it fits this cape will fit whoever deserves to wear it let’s try it on father it fits me this cape came from paradise from my grandfather and prophet abraham gave it to my father isaac isaac gave it to me and now i give it to you take good care of this cape and don’t be separated from it it will keep you safe everywhere i can’t show it to anybody may god keep you safe against all heavenly and earthly dangers stay with your brothers everywhere and do as they tell you let’s go son here comes joseph let’s go let’s go i’ll see you to the edge of town no problem let’s go don’t worry father we’ll have a good day with joseph  uh  [Applause] your brothers will look after you tell them if you need anything they’ll help you take care my son i’ve put in food and water for joseph don’t let him go hungry don’t worry levi [Applause] joseph is in your care let nothing bad happen to him i’ll do my best but if you’re so worried you shouldn’t let him come i understand take him but do look after him on behalf of my brothers and myself i assure you we’ll return joseph happy and laughing to you at sunset let’s go joseph let’s go joseph move to herd let’s go joseph   don’t worry his brothers will look after  joseph   so  so    what are you doing judah you hurt my knee kind of game is this [Applause] hmm  uh   [Applause] father go on shout for your father he can’t help you feed him what are you thinking father isn’t here so scream all you like you’ve known nothing but kindness till today haven’t you our father’s kindness and attention was only yours what wrong have i done to deserve your punishment judah get up you want to be our superior that dream you’ll take to your grave because you’re going to die where’s the father you took from us colin and tell him to come and help you we’re all children of israel you’re not the only one where’s the father whose lap was your haven where is he now go on tell us about your sweet dreams why don’t you ask the stars in your dream to help you then [Applause]   wow why is the weather so wild and the animal’s disturbed i don’t know what has happened all of a sudden  what is this i’ve never seen such a storm we’d better go inside hurry did you hear i hear nothing it sounds like someone is shouting father on the wind  i don’t hear anything it is strange very [Applause]  [Applause] strange  [Applause]  wow  oh where are you  what do you want dina where are my parents andy they’re outside canaan to see off joseph what’s the matter your pretty shoes were torn your clean clothes got dirty what a pity your combed hair is all ruffled you still want to be our superior rachel’s orphan why don’t you have a look now and see who’s prostrating before you who’s prostrating now you or us  father where’s joseph you went to the plains with your brothers why did you let him go i’ve seen my brother’s hatred of joseph a few times why did you allow it please don’t worry joseph wanted to go and play with his brothers on the plane but father don’t you love him of course i love him but your brothers insisted to earn their trust i had no choice but to agree i’m worried to death i can’t help it i had a terrible nightmare joseph was in a dark place and he was crying i trust my children they will bring back joseph safely i fear that they will not who’s fallen on the ground you or us ask the sun and the moon and the stars to help you  let go of me levi i’m sending him to his dead mother rachel that wasn’t our agreement we agreed something else that was your agreement not mine i won’t let you kill joseph you’ve gone mad let go of him levi let him finish and be done with it then you must kill me first because if i live i’ll tell father everything leave joseph alone or i’ll kill you myself stop fighting gouda you’ll regret this one day i know that god will not forgive us i apologize joseph please forgive levi my god i never imagined that they’d actually do this to [Applause] you the prophets and their children must brace themselves for the hardships of the world i never imagined though that my first hardship would be inflicted on me by my own brothers why are you smiling an hour ago when you took me away from father each of you kissed me and caressed me judah sat me on the donkey i thought to myself that one who has such brothers need not fear any foes nor fear any dangers and now i realize that the foes are my brothers while one he who relies on something other than god levi what do you want to do with him it’s obvious we’ll return him to father that’s not going to happen he isn’t going back to

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father even if we have to kill both of you come up with another idea  what should i do they’ll kill me and you first we have to prevent them from murdering you then we’ll trust in god all right give him to a passing caravan they’ll take him far away we can’t just give him to any old passing traveler they’ll suspect us why don’t we just leave him on a caravan route then near a tree or something we’d be better to leave him in a well they’ll be sure to find him when they pull up the water wait i’ve got it i know the well near here the commercial caravan to hedjazz passes right by it and if we put him in there someone will find him hey all right let’s go god neptali move the herd  father are they going to return don’t worry daughter sunset is a long way off a few days ago judah wanted to punish joseph levi wouldn’t let him why had joseph done something wrong no father he just didn’t want to tell judah about his dream i asked him not to tell anybody about it  what’s going on where’s the well you said the well was around here why are we still walking do you want joseph to tell them what happened as soon as they pull him out they’d bring him straight back to father the farther the well the more impossible to return we’re here there it is i’ll be by that [Applause] tree [Applause]  i know that well the water in it is salty even better no caravan ever stops by that well shh quiet why do you think i came to this well this is the same as killing joseph [Applause]  it’s very deep no problem god after bring the ropes for the herd and bring the fodder we can make a long rope  [Applause]  duda this well is salty no caravan takes water from it unless by force or mistake joseph will die of thirst in this world quiet i know that i didn’t come here without a reason that’s the well whether he survives there or not isn’t important  com leave him alone i’ll be the one to do it forgive me i can’t stop it what have i done why are you being cruel to me you’ve done nothing we can’t bear your superiority we envy the place god has given you i fear the well it’s dark do not fear god is with you he will protect you i fear wells listen brother don’t you just want me to be separated from father i promise if you let me go i’ll go far away where father won’t be able to find me i promise i don’t believe you wait wait a minute now what is it what are we gonna tell father when he asks about joseph that a wolf killed him yes father was worried joseph might be killed by a wolf yes father knows that there are many wolves in canada i think we’ll need some proof such as for example joseph’s shirt torn by the wolves is that proof enough let’s go please let go let’s go please let go  [Applause] wait please i want to tell levi something levi hold on i want to hear what he has to say stop wasting time go down you’ll put him in the well in the end anyway what difference does a few moments make let me hear what he has to say  what is it brother i want to talk to you privately didn’t you hear him  i love you and i believe in your goodness although my brothers mistreat me i love them also i don’t want them to be hurt because of me don’t let father find out what you did to me or his curse will destroy you all don’t tell anyone or they will tell father this event shall not be hidden from god you shall not escape the wrath of god repent repent so that god will not punish you for tormenting a weak child may god forgive us father said i’d become a prophet of god you knew this but still you hurt me so much i’m worried about what you the children of israel and your children will do to the prophets after me woe on us cruel people woe on us unfaithful people what we the children of israel do to our brother is not even done by the wild beasts we’re reviving the shame of fratricide committed by cain what’s the matter why are you hesitating come on  nobody can help me with you i’m scared next time robert  right   joseph fell down levi joseph  his voice isn’t hurt anymore what’s the matter isn’t this what you wanted only you wanted this it wasn’t our agreement you’ve been plotting his murder from the beginning and you’ll pay for it you’re worse even than kane kane

Hazrat Yusuf A.S in English Dubbing Episode 6

killed her brother his own age but you killed a child god curse on you first we’re all going to be cursed if there’s going to be one you are in it as well stop playing a self-sacrificing product you must be joseph you must be joseph you must be joseph you must be joseph yes i’m joseph  i knew it i knew i would meet you one of these days who are you a man from past areas from the heart of history but how do you know me one of the prophets from the past told me your story and i felt great love for you so i had wished to meet you and i asked him to describe you to me he said one day the king of the world will appear in this well and you have waited here for me i have waited for you for twelve hundred years twelve hundred years oh yes i have been awaiting a savior the prophet who gave me the glad tidings told me to sit in the well of the world joseph will come one day and today is that promised day i am happy to meet you as well  i witnessed all of the prophets each of them sent a message for you her the prophet said o joseph you are just yet the right of the oppressed the prophet sailor said o joseph your nickname is this mine fulfills the rights of the servants of god the prophet jonah said you are the heir to all those prophets who have come before you realize their dreams the prophet who said you would come left you this as a sign the promise the promise the promised thank you i am very grateful this is a sign and what is it you want from me my only wish was to meet you and now i have had that honor i am now fulfilled but i need your advice say something useful to me in this world something to untie the tight knots the secret to existence is in your hands you do not need advice what secret look well how many fingers and knuckles does each hand  have fingers fourteen knuckles that is the secret i will tell five and fourteen what does that mean the secret will be known when the last prophet appears and the secret to existence is in those two numbers seek refuge in them and you will have peace and salvation peace and salvation oh man the waiting man where are you was i just dreaming the secret to all existence is in your hands why does suppressing the speed calm me down this storm has subsided how long are you going to stay here let’s go levi he’s not you i’m alive he’s alive joseph is alive now are you happy he’s alive come on didn’t you hear let’s go we thought you drowned why didn’t you answer i don’t know how i survived but i did bring me back out i’m frightened it’s dark here again we have to go but i will return and bring you food and water don’t worry don’t drink the salty water we will bring your fresh water you wanted to kill him since the beginning and you knew the well was salty and that he died i did know but cuda didn’t let me say anything it’s time to leave it’s a long way home it is insulting the children of israel have left i have to go as well i’ll return tomorrow you’ll just have to bear it tonight  come back please don’t leave me alone   

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