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Payamber Yusuf A.S English Dubbing Episode 7

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 is   foreign   is you  so     why are you sitting down because i can’t face father in broad daylight we must wait until sunset darkness may obscure a little of our wickedness the darkness neither will we see father’s crest fallen face nor will he see our lies or our false sorrow he’s right you should wait until sunset  we can’t take this shirt to father as it is surely he would ask where the blood is if the wolf killed joseph [Applause] [Applause] do not worry we aren’t late yet they have always returned in daylight before the sun has set today they are late i’m sure they’ve simply forgotten the time playing with joseph   [Applause]  so  uh  [Applause]  [Applause]  [Applause] judah where is joseph [Applause] [Laughter] oh joseph be quiet judah simeon reuben i’m talking to you be quiet i said  father  father father god help you if something happens to father mother father father father where’s joseph get off prophet of god  what happened levi what happened judah where is joseph what happened levi what’s happened to joseph why don’t you talk my god our sorrow is not less than yours or fathers we wish we had died so we wouldn’t have to return with such news what happened you must have a heart of stone to baron how can it even be told i can bear anything that you have to say but tell me what happened to my joseph we don’t know exactly what did happen we weren’t there when disaster struck him [Laughter] we searched everywhere but we only found this he should the wolves had devoured his entire body  yes my god it’s my joseph’s shirt i can still smell him is what did they do to you don’t worry why do i tell my sister she trusted me with her children may the wolves that killed you be cursed how can i endure it [Laughter]  wow when the wolves attacked joseph was he wearing this shirt yes yes then the wolf who devoured him was a very kind one it tore his body but not his shirt  this is just as the prophet of god’s dream in which wolves were chasing a child no no joseph wasn’t hurt by any wolves this shirt is proof of that judah if the wolf devoured joseph why didn’t it rip his shirt why is the shirt intact we didn’t notice that we just saw the blood it is strange mother why is the shirt intact you’re right how is that possible what happened simeon tell the truth we aren’t sure exactly we are just as confused i don’t know what really happened or what you’ve done to my son but what happened was the result of your carnal soul and your very carnal soul displayed to you as good what you did there is no doubt satan

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helped with this father like you we don’t know what happened it isn’t our fault you’ve breached your promise to us you should have looked after him judah go out now find him and bring him back we searched everywhere mother where else can we look for him i said find him and you will find him tonight  let’s go everybody we must think of a way to find joseph  do you see what a disaster you have created children of israel it’s your fault if we killed him and brought his body back everything would be perfect it’s not too late we can still go and do it now i should never have gone with you if you move a finger i will reveal everything to father all right all right what do we do then father doesn’t believe us of course he doesn’t you can’t deceive him forget killing joseph go and tell some more lies perhaps father will believe you  hmm uh greetings to the air of adam greetings to the air of noah greetings to the air of abraham greetings to the air of adam greetings to the air of noah greetings to the air of abraham greetings to the air of adam greetings to the air of noah greetings to the air of abraham greetings to the air of isaac and jacob greetings to the air of adam greetings to the air of noah greetings to the air of abraham  greetings to the air of isaac and jacob greetings to joseph the honest  and greetings to you too who are you i am here to protect and soothe you i am the courier of god almighty i am here to protect you and sympathize with you  my brothers threw me into this swell and left they tormented me and beat me  i know but your wounds healed by the will of god  how will the wounds in my heart ever heal they tyrannized me do you request their punishment no no they’re my brothers and i love them but why were they so hostile to me what wrong had i done them your brothers have established a heinous threat the cruelty of the children of israel to you and their father will now be repeated by their children to other prophets they will torment numerous prophets and murder many of them no prophet will be safe from them i’m worried about them they must repent and you will force them to in the very near future you will rule over your brothers and then you will punish them please don’t leave me  i’m scared joseph must become used to hardship and don’t forget joseph will not fly to the highest peak of glory unless he falls deep into the well my father told me of my prophethood when will that promise be realized you are not here in the wells depths you are under god’s protection and that promise shall be realized soon but beware joseph god has created you for prophethood and leadership not for the well’s debts beware joseph god has created you for prophethood and leadership not for the well’s deaths come back courier of god where are you  so i know the wolves didn’t devour my joseph but what has happened to him i don’t know i don’t know   we are really wicked and grown hypocrite deceivers  open the door father i know you don’t believe us we swear by everything sacred and by god that we have told you the truth the  truth patience is beautiful and i know that god will help me through this disaster

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but you i won’t forgive not until the day i hear from joseph you are not forgiven   foreign  i can’t endure father’s suffering i’ll save joseph and bring him to father joseph’s return means father’s curse on us defamation eternal destruction do you know what you’re doing i know exactly what i’m doing and you will not stand in my way you’re predictable not only me you would kill but father as well to get what you want prophet jacob [Applause] where is your father what do you want i don’t want to see you we are the people of canaan i’m your king open the door god’s greetings upon prophet jacob and god’s greetings to you we have come to sympathize with the prophet of god if we can do anything we will do it willingly i still don’t know if my joseph is dead or alive my sons say the wolves devoured him but that is not true something else has happened but i don’t know what it is do not worry we will find him if he is alive and we will search all over the plains you must wait until morning it is easier to search in daylight no it may be too late by then we must begin the search tonight we have already searched did you search the posture of course we did i mean we searched everywhere but we found nothing we’ll search again now there are more of us we may find him it appears you are not eager for a search no you can search search everywhere fetch my clothes we’ll go to the pastures via mark pillar  we will help search there’s no need for that you stay here  ugh what if they find joseph what will happen then  our father will never forgive us we should bring joseph back and ask father for forgiveness put an end to all of this what about father’s succession what about his love and attention for us father won’t even look at us anymore joseph returns he won’t even look at us now because of this it’ll pass after a while he’ll forget joseph and he’ll pay attention to us what if he finds him tonight but he won’t have you forgotten we took joseph away from the pasture it’s useless standing here let’s go and be with the people  joseph   [Applause] joseph  god   oh   the father father [Applause] greetings to the prophet of god greetings to you we’ve spent the night searching the pastor every part of it but there was no sign of him  my joseph but we found signs that the herd had been moved towards the plains we’ll search today we’ve found no trace either rest a while and i will go with you rest i have no doubt they’ll find joseph today what will you tell father then i haven’t found him yet we better go with them and watch everything joseph [Applause] god [Applause] [Applause] joseph so so greetings to the heir of adam greetings to the air of noah greetings to the heir of abraham where did you go my friend i was so scared i didn’t sleep till morning joseph should be polished with a little suffering and get used to hardship though must i be polished and trained here at the bottom of this well in order to

Hazrat Yusuf A.S in English Dubbing Episode 7

grow the dear joseph must first hide in the depths of the earth like a seed and then grow up and free himself from the prison of earth around him do you mean someday i will be rescued it is near i’ve come to give you the glad tidings of freedom my father said the world is dark to the faithful like a well so that not much has changed for you the inside and outside of the well are say i miss my father  although you’re separated from your father here you are with the unique beloved poor father how is he now how is anyone who has lost someone dear it is close i’ve come to give you the glad tidings of freedom  joseph   there’s a salty water well will we look in there all right but nobody takes a herd to a salty well come on come on they haven’t gotten there yet  you have not slept are you not tired  i didn’t sleep last night i am very tired sleep you mustn’t be awake now is not the time for you to be awake god has a different plan for you sleep well we have searched everywhere so we will search inside the well also he’s a child he may have fallen inside the world joseph joseph joseph joseph we won’t be able to see it’s very deep  god has another plan for you young joseph you mustn’t be awake or return to your father thank god they didn’t find him what’s happened to him why doesn’t he answer the call what if woe on you if something’s happened to joseph [Applause] you will have to be punished and how is that can you tell us you’ll know when you return home are you sure you will return home do you think i’m surprised those who have killed one brother can kill the second brother easily and then the third and fourth and finally the father as if you didn’t play a part in all of this just like us when we return let’s tell father whose plan it was to abduct joseph we can hear him yes it’s me why didn’t you answer i was asleep what are you doing i’ve made companions with the animals did they hurt you are you alright i’m fine i’m a little hungry take this i brought you something to eat  how his father is not well he has decided to be patient but he is not well pray for him to be patient i don’t know how to endure the sorrow of father separation i’ve never been separated from him for a  moment  [Applause] uh greetings to the prophet jacob unfortunately we did not find any sign of joseph he is not in canaan if he were here we would have found him may god reward you what you did for me was beyond my expectations now pray that god returns joseph to me the children return but not with joseph  so  so my brother didn’t come  will he ever come he will if god wills it we have to be patient we have to wait  lord help jacob  lord help jacob he can endure joseph’s separation  

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