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Payamber Yusuf A.S English Dubbing Episode 9

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 have you seen joseph the hebrew child no i haven’t seen him you were bringing him but when i looked back he wasn’t there why do you want him folly told me to watch him if he isn’t found i’ll be punished severely you tried to run away  how dare you try to run away  what’s wrong why are you so upset i feel that someone is hurting my darling joseph  tell me what’s wrong joseph isn’t well leah joseph is not well  you will never run away again your owners said you would run away i’ll break your legs so that you cannot run you will not run away from me again  no no no my arm my arms  [Applause] what’s the matter calm down will you i don’t know what happened my arm suddenly began to hurt such pain is not without reason either you lifted something heavy you hit something or snake has bitten it i noticed the slave child had disappeared when i realized i searched for him and i found him at that grave he was hiding from me when i slapped him my arm paralyzed suddenly ah it’s paralyzed when you hit him yes can the poor child bear your slap did you not realize his god would take revenge idiot we’re taking him for sale how can we sell him if he is damaged why did you run i didn’t it is my mother’s grave i wanted to say goodbye slaves tomb has no sign let alone a shrine this is no slaves to who are you joseph was his slap heart do you know what i ought to have done to him if you had run away the reason that he slapped you was in fear of his own punishment do you hate him now i was taught not to hate i believe you if you will forgive him i will untie your binds will he hit me again i swear to abraham’s god i will not allow anyone to hit you again are you a monotheist i’m malik son of tsar son of angkor son of ishmael son of abraham a great grandson of ishmael who are you i’m the son of the son of the son of the well you don’t want to reveal your father’s name i am the son of the well i was born yesterday in the well that you saw when the courier of god appeared i do not understand what you are saying it is no problem if you do not want to tell me but forgive him all right i forgive him  bravo son [Applause] bid your mother’s tomb farewell so we can set off  get moving everyone prepare to leave  right  hmm  did you find joseph is he lost father why are you wounded as of now there shall be neither blessing nor affection amongst the children of israel not a long time has passed but the wolves that attacked joseph are now attacking each other levi i left joseph in your care i wouldn’t have sent him to the plains had you not been there why did you not look after him what has happened to joseph what have you done to him answer me answer me may god’s curse be upon you where is joseph talk answer me now what did you do to joseph leah stop it what

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did you do to him i said stop my joseph my joseph some things have come to my attention i do not know if you have noticed them if we had not lost our way in the storm we would not have come this way if our animals had not stopped at the well we would not have stopped either if we hadn’t been thirsty we would not have pulled water from the well all those events were god’s blessing so we could have this slave and profit greatly what is destined to be yours will be yours all the elements in this world work together so you get what god has willed for you on this trip this hebrew slave was meant to become ours help me no greatest save me this pain is too great save me this pain is killing me this aid is killing me oh me thank you great oh  [Applause]  [Applause]  [Applause]  [Applause]  so  [Applause]   do  me save me great so what did you do your hands have healed me i did nothing special everybody can do the same with rubbing and pressure the pain will lessen malik rubbed but it was useless you look to the sky are you a star worshiper is the star that disappears during the day worth worshiping so it isn’t the moon or the sun that you worship because the moon disappears during the day and the sun during the night my god is the creator the one who created everything the unique one god  although you are a child you seem to have chosen a better god than kekmir and myself a god that loves you and answers your prayers useless god i suffered and moaned and it did absolutely nothing thank you joseph thank you i was dying with pain and you helped me i apologize to you for slapping you forgive me  it was a good one if that slab causes your being guided i am satisfied i am from this region i am a guide i have always guided caravans  it seems this time you have become our guide guidance is in his hands he guides whomever he wills and leaves in darkness whomever he wills i don’t know who this child is but i witnessed him healing ketmir’s arm by praying he has a good relation with his god maybe he’s the prophet he doesn’t need to be a prophet to heal ketmir’s arm i told you yesterday if joseph forgave him he’d be healed what about madrid everywhere he went everything became lost in green a dream proves nothing you don’t know the one god he will punish you if you oppress anybody either in this world or in the other world if the oppressed forgives you so too will god it was once lush and green here but this year the lack of rain is a threat to the crops i am from this area if it doesn’t rain

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famine will kill everybody [Applause] god is benevolent and magnanimous to his servants malek someone is unwell come with me he has been ill for some time but today he became worse he is not well at all he is breathing his last there is no hope what can we do we can’t leave him behind make him a litter and tie it to one of the beasts of burden he’ll follow the caravan that way you will be all right life and death are in god’s hand so go there’s no hope for me i will die soon you must go you must go i’ll stay with you you will be all right life and death are in god’s hands don’t lose hope  [Applause]  [Applause] why are you staying with him you didn’t listen to me i cannot leave him alone let me stay with him please his illness is great you cannot do anything god likes those who help others don’t worry about me keep your eye on him ah   uh  ah the old man is fine see [Applause] he was safe from death you’re all right i am yeah you see i’m fine you did this me the way you healed kicked mirrors off god healed him i just prayed malik malek the sick man is all right [Applause] why did you insist on being beside him i’m a guide like you a good guy will take all people healthy to their destination what’s the matter joseph told me to get up and walk and for a while and i did and he asked me you can see i i’m all right are you healed yeah i owe my life to joseph if he hadn’t looked after me i would have died all people can do a little caring for each other i did nothing he was dying it was hopeless i don’t know what kind of a god your god is but i can say that he is almighty and that he loves you i saw you praying for me and that is what healed me  [Applause]  [Applause]  [Applause]  [Applause]  [Applause]  so  this rain is a blessing because of joseph’s auspiciousness   the egyptian border is over there it is half a day away we will soon reach the border guards we haven’t met any border guards so far syria kanan and other countries have a feudal rule they don’t have clear borders but egypt is civilized it has an advanced system to find borders army and the government the pharaohs of egypt are the most powerful oh rulers i submit myself your will in this foreign country and seek help from you   [Applause]  that is the egyptian border [Applause] lord i submit myself to your will i have nobody with you in this strange  [Applause]  land  oh who are you and where are you coming from i am malik son of tsar coming from babylon [Applause] you have permission to enter  do they know you yes they do we have been trading with egypt for years egypt is an ancient and civilized country it’s very different from syria and canaan they were wearing strange clothing yes their headbands make them look like cobras here is known as the land of snakes egyptians believe that a giant dragon snake protects their country  ah  [Applause]  ah [Applause] [Applause] we have cattle and sheep but not so many they must be very rich all the animals and green farms belong either to amman and the temples of egypt or to the egyptian pharaoh amenity all egyptians work for them they have nothing of their own you mean egypt’s god has cattle and sheep everything belongs to god god has created everything but not for himself [Applause]  [Applause] why are there so many cats here the god of the people here is a cat that is the town temple the town miss babastis  the people love cats [Applause]  [Applause] why do you look at me like that i don’t worship cats not all gods are unique and helpless like your god excellency malik the god of these people is a cat and cats eat don’t be surprised the gods of this land have cattle land and family too there’s no monotheism in egypt not at all so be careful not to talk about monotheism or insult the egyptian gods be very careful the people will not tolerate it    such a big river is it the nile it is only a small branch of the nile the nile is much bigger and more impressive  [Applause]  why is it sacred because the egyptian people have

Hazrat Yusuf A.S in English Dubbing Episode 9

go to the fountainhead of the nile this river flows from the south to the north and empties into the mediterranean we are moving from the north to the south to the old city of thieves a city of armor  on the other side of the nile it is the western world the world of the dead those gigantic pyramids are the tombs of the egyptian pharaohs they call this place memphis where the nile divides into many branches  if we were to sell joseph to a wealthy egyptian joseph will have a peaceful and happy life and we will profit greatly i wish we could keep him we cannot   we are heading south over there on the right is still the western world of the dead that ship carries corpses on this side of the nile where we are the ancient city of thebes is located thieves is the city of the egyptian gods and the seats of the government of amenity the pharaoh of egypt they call thee the city of armor too  look you can see thieves in the distance here is thieves a city of a hundred gates a hundred gates it has only ten but the travelers who visit thieves call it the city of a hundred gates when they return [Applause]  [Applause] i am malik son of tsar from babylon [Applause]  [Applause] do  thank you  so   [Applause]  [Applause]  [Applause] foreign   [Applause]  [Applause]  [Applause]  [Applause]  [Applause] [Applause] so  [Applause]  oh  so so um what is wrong why do you not sleep i fear you might run away who are you what are you i have answered that already joseph my gods are weak and incapable compared to your god will you tell me about your god your god is omnipresent and he is accessible i’ve seen you communicating with him and he hears you and answers your prayers i am certain that you are different from other people you have a power that enables you to do anything anything that my god wills who is your god that protects you everywhere you have described him well i want to convert you already have you have converted in your heart i believe in him you called my god the omnipresent you consider him omnipotent you think he hears all calls and answers all prayers you called your gods weak and incapable that is faith you mean i’m now a monotheist like you you became a monotheist the night kepmir’s arm was healed i realized it from your questions who are you why don’t you talk you look like a slave but you are really superior to us all my god tell me you shh do not swear because i am not permitted to say it i only tell you that all these events happen by the will of god and he has brought joseph to egypt for a sacred reason what reason at least tell me that i don’t know it’ll be known in future i won’t let malek sell you i’ll stop him god is aware of everything if he wills that i’ll be a slave then i submit told you i am the son of the well the same well we took you out of don’t worry don’t i’ll find out in the end  [Applause]  so   you  

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