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Payamber Yusuf A.S English Dubbing Episode 1

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  1160 BC   a city in the south of Dublin   Gracious most noteworthy star goddess of moms   goddess of thoughtfulness goddess of birth and   ripeness here this child and make glad   Gracious stressed mother most noteworthy her mom   takes a promise to bring you importantly   contributions go to the best to keep   your child alive as she addressed my   supplication go forward and bring up your youngster in   a way that guarantees that you will be   Canceled   alaa child will be tint as was hers   Ishtar’s somewhat powerful she was unquestionably   here that is the thing that I accept   we should move toward what is wrong with   you are better than holy messengers yet you   prostrate to your makings the entirety   universe complies with a man but you proceed   to bow your heads to the dormant stone   that is your perspective you’re offending our   divine beings however no explanation these are not my   words I’m The Courier of God to tell   you of his book this is the heavenly book   uncovered to my granddad Prophet   Abraham, I’m a supporter of his religion   what’s more, the propagator of this book are   not my words are written in that glorious   a book who affront our divine beings I’m not   offending possibly inquiring as to whether you know give   me a reply if not acknowledge what I tell   you and I ask you did the sculptures in the   Ishtar sanctuary make you or was it you   who made them this Ishtar have power     a rule you or you sustained and unfit an   awkward stone how could she mend my   youngster, he’s right we began he talks   a reality I saw a star conveys youngster   with my own eyes the transcendent Ruler   heard your petitions and recuperated your child   not Ishtar it was God although you took   asylum in a goddess and looked for help from   her it was the Ruler all-knowing who is   mindful of his workers and showed leniency upon   you and your child   you have sight yet not in sight   in this manner   you saw Ishtar, not the genuine healer Jacob   is saying that we should quit adoring   our divine beings and on second thought love he am I   not right how of our God’s helped us   in any case, we may hope for something else from yours I’m   approaching you to venerate the unparalleled   God the Divine force of all and the universe how   would we be able to realize your God is better than our own   imagine a scenario in which you and your God are after   acquiring benefit for yourself like a   priestess in the Ishtar sanctuary all of you   realize that I work for Laban as a shepherd   also, I don’t have anything of my own have I of all time   asked you for anything consequently have   Have you at any point seen anything of me however working   hard as a shepherd imagine a scenario in which you request   something, later on, you have no   power presently you’ll be similarly just about as terrible as the   clerics you are on the whole similar once you gain   power   you’ll fill your stomach and make your   own fortune I believe you’re defended   you lost your lone youngster to ailment and   no one aided you neither Esther the   sorceress nor Ishtar the goddess of the   the sanctuary you are advocated not to venerate   any God I couldn’t care less about the inadequate   Ishtar I’m conversing with your inconspicuous God we   have experienced sufficient the stone divine beings   of the sanctuary,

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Watch Online Payamber Yusuf A.S in English Dubbing

we can’t bear another god   the sanctuary officials are coming the   sanctuary official has run rush   he went that way   Gracious capture him   try not to allow him to get away from where are you not   the child in-law of lead representative Leoben I’d   rebuff you seriously I’m not scared of   you or the sanctuaries officials scatter   try not to pay attention to Jacobs favor for me   don’t you see this obscenity has caused   the ladylike task he has caused it   he’s right how about we go before Easter condemnations   us how about we go   if it doesn’t rain soon every one of the yields in   Haran will be annihilated I go to God to   favor the city with downpour what’s happening   around their father it’s an old custom of   individuals of Haran   they toss Ishtar’s foes into the   fire by sling   release me what have they done   I did nothing you care for the   the crowd and see what’s happening   give up what have I done that is Jacob the   shepherd the nephew of Labuan the   Lead representative this is the discipline for   Sacrilege passing all solid I’m blameless   he should be rebuffed   Perez is the foe of this vehicle he has   Assaulted his vehicle with stones at Coulter   also, wasteful and unfit goddess   as per the old practice of the   individuals of Heron the people who affront the   extraordinary goddess Ishtar will be tossed   into the fire by a launch   try not to yell to no end by the payer blood   cash   or then again you wouldn’t consume to death   what amount is his blood cash I will pay   it you will piss no himself is an adversary   of Ishtar you are an adversary of Ishtar you   should pay your blood cash first then, at that point,   capture me tossing me into the fire   would maintain our family’s   Custom my granddad Abraham was tossed into   the fire on the sets of Nimrod you   haven’t been captured so far because of   the public authority since you’re the two his   child in-law and nephew   so individuals near the lead representative and to   the specialists can affront the divine beings and   not be rebuffed capture him and toss him   into fire like his granddad   let me be given up how about we go what’s   happening here let go of him and free the   denounced also   sadhus should be lectured when Jacob   attempts to pay his blood cash you   reserve no privilege to rebuff you   Jacob, you should pay 500 dinars to hide SS   blood cash there is no issue I will   pay it   may God favor you my great uncle Laban   how long should I watch you so you don’t   commit an error   much thanks to you thank you what’s going on with you   much thanks to you I’ll work for you until I’ve   repaid all the cash I guarantee I   guarantee you said this come how about we go   he is a decent man he buckles down all the   time   Ishtar has been getting penance from   individuals of Heron and Babylon for some   a long time if your dad Laban hadn’t made a difference   us we both have been scorched to death   as a result of his endurance, Perez should leave   revering Ishtar and becoming a   monotheists   he as of now has Rachel he’s become   monotheistic since he was safeguarded when   will our little explorer be conceived soon   prophet of God it will be before long I’ve been   hanging tight for a child from you for some   a long time if God wills it   this holding up will end very soon   good tidings to you and your kin   good tidings Jacob the Shepherd I need to   much thanks to you you’re taking contributions to   Ishtar sanctuary we should make the divine beings   cheerful or there’ll be no downpour this year   do you not believe that you want those   dates more than the divine beings certain individuals   have been roared the divine beings by annoying   them yet we should pay for it are you   sure that it downpours by the desire of the   cold stony sculptures in Ishtar sanctuary

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 your   profanation angered him such a lot that he   removed stormy mists from Heron sky do   not affront the divine beings, Jacob   for what reason do you abuse yourselves and leave   the God All-powerful and love the virus   wheat symbols rather how about you give   warmth to your shriveled heart by the   light of God’s confidence by your sanctuary with   the blood of your foes may you save   this chap from dry season and favor her in   with your downpour of leniency o krishna I   cleanse your sanctuary with the blood of   your foes might save this land from   the dry season in any case heron with your downpour   of kindness excellency as normal, he remained in   front of the sanctuary and offended our gee   he likewise conversed with certain individuals however I   didn’t hear what he said o most noteworthy   Jacob won’t stop this you go save   this land from dry season and favor her and   with your radom that senseless old English   gigabit began again God’s revile him   what’s more, his irreverence how are we to manage   him   southern Laban here I shouldn’t consider   somebody leaving here perfectly the   consecrated minister of Ishtar sanctuary has welcomed   you to meet him   visit inept yes lead representative stop that   if you take once again   I will have you lashed to death I   guarantee I won’t ever take again   discharge him accompany me   apparently, it is about Jacob the shepherd    what Jacob does is his own I don’t   the account he criticizes the divine beings it’s   the minister you want to persuade you why   do you trouble me if you can’t persuade   God’s the best R is furious I   see starvation dry season and demise for individuals   of example Excellency   stand by here I’ll tell the consecrated cleric   you’re here they incensed Ishtar   won’t endure affront they incensed   Ishtar the ones who offended divine beings will   be rebuffed the best our penance   Laban how about you stop your nephew   from reviling   you are answerable for individuals’   confidence offer him a decent response I’m the   lead representative, not the clerics well he is your   nephew and your little girl’s significant other I am   answerable for the normal security   acquire I’m not answerable for what my   nephew does that is the reason you should submit to me   he has upset the normal tough time   furthermore, Jacob is the reason for the   fiasco how might he have been the   reason for the gift and the expanding of   my group up until this point and the reason for   starvation and hopelessness legacy because   Jacob favored creatures the divine beings presently he’s   never had confidence in Babylonian divine beings why in   the piece of the past he concealed his convictions   furthermore, presently he communicates them he straightforwardly felt   a mix in the public you should salad him

Hazrat Yusuf A.S in English Dubbing Episode 1

him   I should yes you should   for what reason do you think the people of government   has named you here so you know who’s   provided me with the situation of the lead representative   you would be wise to recall that I take   orders from the Babylonian government   what’s more, not from your orosco’s sanctuary so   there is no issue if the devout cleric   of your stars sanctuary in Babylon is   informed with this   I will converse with Jacob without telling Jacob   on the off chance that he jeopardizes my family or me, I will   put a match to his entire family the doggy   that container before its folks will before long be   eaten up by the world’s you watch your   Tongue I excuse you this time yet just this   when the starvation obliterates my harvests off   kill Jacob Addis family there’s now   no expectation for a decent gather   hi father invite his father   finally, the legislative leader of Heron has time   to visit his girls invite father   will Jacob not stop his difficulty me what   is it the father of the ministers of Ishtar   sanctuary gripe to acquire against Jacob   Do you mean this expansion in Haran is

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