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Payamber Yusuf A.S English Dubbing Episode 2

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 yes  so  my lord your sky is cloudy but jacob’s eyes are pouring rachel has been waiting for this baby for 11 years she has borne the snide remarks of the women of harren for just as many years they have called her many things infertile barren and sterile forgive me high priest i have plans for jacob and his family tonight please leave me may god curse jacob and his family jacob’s infidelity will not go unpunished he must be punished oh great ishtar pour the flames of your wrath on jacob and his family rachel as well as her infant must perish this very night despite everything i’m not worried about rachel and the baby but i fear that their death would cause the rejoicing of the heads of the temple and the idolaters i fear the efforts i’ve made over the years to annihilate idolatry will be in vain do something save my wife and baby saving them will enlighten the people of harren saving them would mean the defeat of ishtar’s temple and turn the people from polytheism my lord help me help me lord help me  hmm  hmm hmm  [Applause]  [Applause]  where does the light come from in the middle of the night  hmm rachel is conscious rachel do you think it’s going to rain i think the sky is wanting to cry for rachel this is a sign of the gods rage the thunder of god’s rage will strike it jacob and his family will be punished oh great ishtar defend god’s sanctity pour the flames of your rats onto jacob and his family oh rachel’s baby has been born healthy what about the curse of ishtar and esther’s sorcery  oh greatest her let the people of harren see your great power and as the sorcery oh great ishtar please us let your friends see the humiliation of jacob’s god punish the infidels  uh greetings to the prophet of god greetings to the prophet of god god’s greeting be upon you all congratulations congratulations i thank god for his blessings and ask him to grant you and our baby good health we waited for you for 11 years what took you so long you don’t ask if it’s a boy or a girl is joseph the name of a boy or a girl how did you know who told you it was a boy it was the one who gave me the good tidings an hour ago my son the rain is a blessing brought by your birth welcome they chill and her baby are healthy we don’t care look at this rain there’ll be no more famine inherent don’t you understand it began to rain when jacob and rachel’s baby was born a rachel and a baby really healthy yes don’t you see what an auspicious baby people what are you waiting for sacrifices sheep a camel a dawn harem for this we must thank jacob’s god today marks the beginning of my daughter’s new life and the end of famine inherent   look at ishtar’s temple it is on fire it’s on insolency that’s the temple this star’s temple is on fire what did you say is on fire [Applause] what has happened come with me [Applause] the temple’s on fire [Applause] the rain should be putting out the fire why is it not working it’s free bring water all right [Applause] where is esther the saucer asked she has ties in the flames we were unable to save her did she burn to death yes the burned the fire  their stuff is burned as well can’t we do anything for her

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 can a fire burn a temple sorceress of course it can she’s not a goddess she burns well that was the mighty ishtar goddess she burned with the priests they couldn’t save themselves she said rachel and her baby would die and look she has died instead excellency where are you going i’m going to convert to jacob’s guard you claim jacob was the cause of the misery of the people of haran and yet jacob’s baby has brought us blessing and rain let’s go where are you going okay okay and defend the religion of your fathers where are you all going where are you going but this star’s temple is burning this car will burn too priest will burn as well come back where are you going stay and put out the fire in the temple stay put out the fire so so bye the reign of god’s blessing has seemingly purified these people’s body and souls as well the auspicious birth of your baby brought rain to harren will you show us the baby i have no choice but to admit you are a prophet i have witnessed that your child’s birth has destroyed the temple of idolaters and ended our famine  joseph’s birth is a blessing joseph’s birth is a blessing but the one who’s destroyed the temple of ishtar and who has brought rain to haran is god the unique god don’t you want to see him my wife and i have seen your god tonight everyone has seen both the limitless power of your god and the weakness of their own they are now here to believe in the one god o prophet of god illuminate their hearts with the light of faith and you all agree with what perez has said yeah yes we do repeat after me  i denounce all stone and cold gods i believe in the one god i believe in all of his chosen prophets i believe in all of us and shall obey all their commands  okay  it is now five years after the fall of god’s wrath on ishtar’s zika and it is five years since the doors to god’s blessing have been open to the people of haran rachel the beloved wife of prophet jacob and the mother of joseph is awaiting another child joseph yes mother you’ll go to the plains with your father today i’m very happy mother let’s go uh before she had a child to jacob she was the favorite but now look at how it seems zilpah and i don’t deserve to go out with the prophet jacob what about your mother leah perhaps he’s busy perhaps he doesn’t want to go out to the planes i don’t know or perhaps your father doesn’t love anyone but rachel   [Applause] 15 years ago i met you for the first time by this well that was the day i found out you were my cousin and i found out you were my cousin as well and it was

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on that day that we fell in love my father isaac and my mother rebecca led me to you we’d better go the boys  when my father laban found out you loved me he set seven years of shepherding for my hand in marriage and i accepted but at the end of seven years laban married off your sister leah to me it was the only way in heron the younger sister cannot marry before her elder so i undertook to be his shepherd for another seven years so that i can marry you he didn’t know that even if he asked me to work 70 years i’d have accepted the time passed very quickly yes it did   [Applause] i’ve decided to return to my birthplace canaan soon they’re going to hurt each other don’t worry they’re just testing their power you see they believe whoever is the strongest will be my heir get up  do you know prophet jacob the son of prophet isaac he and his son are blessings to this town i do know him do you know where i can find him his uncle is governor laban ask him what do you want i’m a courier from canaan i must see the governor follow me  dina will you come here will you look after joseph so i can help your mother of course uh  rachel you’re pregnant congratulations does the prophet of god know so hello grandfather hello grandfather hello father welcome hello is something the matter something has happened what is it father that man there he is from canaan he has brought us mad news where is jacob my dear uncle laban what is it what is the matter it is better news but i know that you can bear it tell me then your father the prophet isaac he has passed away of god we are and under him we return  what is your decision prophet of god after prophet isaac prophet jacob is the prophet of canaanites your sister has asked me to convey this message to you are you meaning to leave here death is a fact and it occurs to everybody nobody can escape it even the prophets of god i thank you all for your condolences and i pray that god will grant me patience and submission oh prophet of god if we promise to obey your teachings will you stay in haram i like the people of haran leaving you will be very hard it is not my decision if it was my decision i would decide to stay but i cannot we will set out for kanan tomorrow on god’s will we’re ready so are we my wife and i packed as well where are you going with you to canaan we won’t leave the prophet of god as long as we live you cannot go with us you must stay in heron my house is a good place for you and your wife but i owe my life to you prophet jacob my husband and i have promised to serve you as long as we live your family needs you to stay in haran this is your homeland and you owe me nothing at all please stay here i thank god for granting us the light of guidance i have lived here amongst you for years i have shared your joys and sorrows i am sad to be leaving you used to worship idols the one god illuminated your hearts with the light of faith and you threw away your idols and chose to worship the one god appreciate divine faith and call do not replace the light of faith with the darkness of ignorance whether jacob lives here or not god shall be observing your deeds and actions may god be with you all right may god god be with you jacob during all the years that you have been my shepherd you have asked for no wage you have no wealth at all to speak i wish to present to you and my daughters half of my hurt and i hope you may earn a living from it thank you and may god grant you his blessing thank you father god bless your father jacob desert i must appreciate his years of hard work god be with you all right goodbye take care  oh god be with you all god be with you all goodbye goodbye  [Applause] so auntie why my mother rachel who told you that

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everybody says it judah heard it from them and he told me you mustn’t interfere in such things but since you asked i’m going to tell you bilhat was your mother’s maidservant as your mother rachel couldn’t conceive a child she gave bilhat to your father so he could have a baby and would still love her bilhah gave birth to dan and natalie she is very dear to rachel and jacob naturally after your birth bilhah thought she’d lost her position and this causes her envy was lupe your maidservant yes i too gave my maidservant to your father i didn’t want rachel defeating me and attracting your father’s love zilpah gave birth to god and asher what are you doing there the herd is dispersing bring them back    hey  don’t you think jacob holds rachel more dearly than necessary i don’t need to envy my own sister neither does she have more children than i neither jacob’s love for her more than me why should i envy her of course leah would defend her sister over us  it’s a long way we’re almost there this is how nomads live they both travel and live how far is it to kanan about three leagues can you bear it rachel no it won’t be able judah levi simeon erect the tents now will pivot here there a midwife in canaan yes come here go to kanan as fast as you can bring my sister and a midwife go go i’ll be back shortly oh it’s all right sister help her down oh careful and bring a carpet right away hold on rachel what’s the matter brother are you not well don’t worry it’s nothing dina take yourself away no let him stay hold on sister mother mommy let go mommy mommy where are you going dina keep joseph out come here son come on what’s the matter joseph you mustn’t go in i fear something will happen to mommy why son nothing’s happened don’t worry it’s all right  may god have mercy on her she had difficulty last time as well i remember she almost died tell jacob to pray for her what’s happened how is rachel doing nothing yet leah said to pray for rachel she is not doing well if she can hold on a little longer the midwife will arrive you’d better return to her did any mean that mommy is going to leave us what nobody is saying that she’s going to bring you a baby brother daddy i’m afraid don’t be afraid son dina go and play with your brother ah if this is going to be like the other birth may god has mercy on her i really don’t think she’s going to survive stop talking ominously you inauspicious owl hold on rachel you know the midwife will arrive any moment we’re close to canaan  ah hey um so  mommy mommy mommy mommy mommy mommy  mommy mommy mommy mommy who follow me  my husband take care of our children  please take care of our children  mommy take care of our children don’t let them feel the lack their father mummy  me  my sister   oh   you  

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