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Payamber Yusuf A.S English Dubbing Episode 3

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 is   foreign foreign  is  so so   yes her name indicated that she would leave us soon oh my lord grant me the patience to accept her loss father the canaanites are here what’s the use  where is she in the tent hurry come with me greetings to the prophet of god greetings sister you are too late too late who was it rachel   we are not strangers to such pains we take refuge in god in this calamity  you too be leah rachel’s sister i’ll accept my condolences you see my son where you’ve come is a caravan sarai as some arrive others depart welcome happy birthday his birthday is not happy inauspicious you should call him bononi it means son of sorrow he has killed my beloved sister woman you must stop that life and death are in god’s hands this baby is innocent not bononi benjamin son of the right hand he will be his father’s right hand who are you little darling joseph son of rachel so you are our reminder of rachel we should console you first of all  mommy mommy  have mercy on rachel’s soul have mercy on  amen   um and he father says god always takes to him the ones he loves the most my darling do you know your mother is with god now i do god took her to paradise but i can’t bear to be without her i pray to god to grant you and your father patience and forbearance honey is paradise better than here yes darling it is you understand much for once so young my darling may god keep you safe you understand so much for when so young in the beautiful and innocent face of this child and in the words he utters i see signs of magnitude he understands more than his peers do it’s unbelievable that’s enough sister joseph is just like his brothers no different at all his face and words are pleasant to me i should like to raise him if you’ll allow it it may soothe the pain of the loss of his mother i promised my sister not to let her children feel the pain of her loss i will look after them like my own children already have many children how would you be able to do that it is not possible i’ll not let him out of my sight even for a moment [Applause] here we are the city we must live in the rest of our lives the caravan of the prophet jacob is approaching welcome welcome welcome jacob is here jacob it’s jacob [Applause] jacob is here jacob is here jacob is here [Applause] uh welcome welcome to the prophet of god please accept our condolences may god grant your patience after this loss life and death are in god’s hands we submit to his will [Applause] god god bless you jake welcome welcome jacob welcome bless you jacob ah it’s a blessing that you have made it safely jacob good god of god it’s good to see you jake’s over welcome here bless you hello my friend jacob it’s good to see hello jacob welcome thank you happens you are here sister where is the shrine of our father prophet isaac you have seen it it is the shrine of our grandfather abraham and his wife in magpella our mother is buried there also i want first to pay homage to them and renew my pledge leah call everyone we’re going together judah levi fetch me what i left you in trust we’re going to pay homage to my father’s shrine 

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Watch Online Payamber Yusuf A.S in English Dubbing

so  god’s greetings upon abraham the messenger of god  may god grant peace to abraham and isaac’s soul the people of canaan owe their faith and guidance to them he yearned very much to see you upon his death and he anointed you prophet after him he wished that you take up leadership of the hebrew people i seek help from his lofty soul and pray to god to aid me in fulfilling this heavy responsibility this shirt belonged to our grandfather abraham and passed down to our father isaac now you inherit it in your absence i as the eldest child of our father kept it in safe keeping now i hand to you what was left in my trust according to my father’s will this shirt will be passed down to the prophets after you we might call it the prophethood cape   [Applause] blessings congratulations congratulations congratulations don’t you think congratulations the canaanite people swear allegiance to you and consider you the messenger of god after isaac and we testify to your prophethood  who do you think will inherit that cape after father’s death obviously the most powerful you are mistaken the most faithful will inherit that game [Applause]  [Applause]  [Applause]  so so  ah  i’m hungry won’t you feed us mother what happened to our food have patience wait a little here  what’s the matter why do you not eat it’s small why did you give joseph more be quiet and eat your food stop it leah what are you doing get a grip on yourself leah i’ll look after benjamin you feed your children looking after so many children must be leah is justified she had seven children of her own now she must raise rachel’s as well jacob i repeat my request i always yearned for a child of my own unfortunately it never happened not much is left of my life please accept my request to raise rachel’s little boy i assure you i’ll hold him dearer than my own life you can see how hard it is for leah you have to do something for joseph and his brother how could i bear being separated from them you fear that i will take him far away you have my word that i would bring him to see you every day you fear that i may deprive him of love i promise that will not be the case won’t you all allow me to spend the last years of my life giving love to joseph and looking after him i assure you i shall make happy both rachel’s soul and your heart i will raise him well what about my promise to my sister rachel i made a vow i wouldn’t let her children feel the absence of their mother she will fulfill your vow for you she will love joseph no less than his mother would you worry that i ignored joseph because of how many children i have no leah it’s the opposite my worry is that your children receive less attention because of what you give joseph joseph come here son would you like to live with your auntie yes father i think auntie is a good mother not as good as your mother darling but i’ll try my hardest i promise to try and be a good mother brother i am grateful i pledge to you to hold joseph dear to my heart as if you were my own child you better take him before i change my mind are we ever going to see joseph again of course you will he will be here and he will play with you every day will we be able to play with joseph auntie of course you will dear let’s go let’s go you didn’t eat you didn’t eat your dinner be careful  [Laughter]   hmm [Applause] as of now you are responsible for the sheep i cannot go with you because i have to deal with the people’s affairs this is the reason we came to canaan be careful that nothing happens to the sheep don’t worry father we’re not kids anymore i know that go on hello aunt hello hello hello hello anne hello god be with you joseph is here hello auntie hello dog take care of yourself of course greetings to the messenger of god whoever said it’s painful to like a mother seems there’s no lack of attention to me if it’s so good to be without a mother perhaps you should die perhaps your children would receive more attention after your death what are you saying bilhah didn’t mean anything by that i just meant that you’re a good mother and that you take very good care of joseph that was all that i meant to say you can stop that i know very well what you meant what’s the matter with you can’t you stand a little kindness to a young boy who has lost his mother be careful sister your excessive kindness to joseph in the public and paying too much attention may cause him the envy of his brothers i let you raise joseph because leah was excessively kind to him she was inadvertently creating discrimination between joseph and his i was brothers for creating jealousy amongst your children abhilpher and zilpah not me bravo catch him catch him [Laughter] may god protect joseph from envious eyes and the enemy’s spills yes come darling come on joseph goodbye goodbye mother did you see joseph’s nice clothes and he’s sewn them for him will you sew us such clothes i think father didn’t come with us for another reason what other reason joseph he always wants to stay with him i don’t think that’s the reason at all he’s a prophet he must stay amongst the people so he can deal with their affairs have you noticed joseph’s clothes i have he looks very smart good for him levi gouda come on we’re coming come on let’s go yes he looked very smart apparently rachel’s death has been very good for joseph your face is like a brother’s but your words are not put this on stay here a

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moment  do you know what this is this is the belt of my father isaac the prophet your grandfather i have always wanted to give it to someone who continues the path of prophethood my hope is that you are that person i like this spell dante prophet abraham’s cape and this belt were in my trust i gave the cape to my brother and you will have this built for the time being be very careful not to lose it i fear that some people will become upset at seeing this belt which people maybe my brothers no need to worry come on we must go to your father’s salmon come along envy means the wish for the destruction of the blessing or the wealth god has granted one of his servants envy means not tolerating something which another has envy means not standing another’s happiness and prosperity and wishing poverty and destitution on them now tell me who is envious the belt joseph is wearing belongs to prophet isaac why has she given it to joseph it is to be given to the one who is to be the next prophet daddy do you mean that jealousy is not wanting others to have anything bravo my son jealousy is exactly what you said the envious always suffers because others have something and he is angry do you see them talk material belongs what is the way to quit envy who can answer this question well joseph doesn’t know the answer does my little joseph perhaps remember father does the jealous person know that someday this world will end for him again bravo my son that is indeed the answer the jealous must know that the world is not eternal for anyone the jealous is deprived of the blessing in this world and of the reward in the other world the jealous benefits nothing from his jealousy neither the envious nor the envied shall stay in this world and if the jealous knew this he will not turn his world to hell because of his envy and jealousy it’s natural to be kind to a child who doesn’t have a mother is it also natural to be unkind to the children who do have mothers you mean the children who have mothers do not need kindness and dresses him up in new clothes and mother sits him on her lap and feeds him the best food although they try to hide it even father holding dearer than the rest of us i think that he’s smart and very cute as well his little face is beautiful and very lovable we all love our brother joseph although our parents shouldn’t allow the excessive kindness they will spoil him did you notice the belt in the armband of our grandfather that joseph was wearing yes bilhah said they were to be given to the one who would become the next prophet why has ant given them to joseph when we return at sunset let’s go and ask and why she gave them to him hey look a rock will you try again oh you first here goes judy again whoever wins uh will be the successor [Laughter]   oh  [Applause]  [Applause] where are you all going hello zilpah we took the herd to the sheephold now we’re going to see andy we want to ask you a question we’re just returning from her house we two had questions i don’t think it’s a good idea to go to our house uninvited jacob your father is there he went there to see joseph to see them together may be unpleasant for you what’s going on there let’s go and see all right now do you see father loves joseph more than us stop that rubbish when we were children we sat on father’s lap as well and he was kind to us this is the reason bilhar and zilpah told us not to come here unexpectedly i’ll go they were just causing trouble stay here son hello father hello father hello my darlings hello to the men of jacob’s family you must be tired when did you return just now we took the sheep to the sheephold and then we came here to to do what we wanted to talk to andy all right then i’m listening that belt that joseph swearing does it belong to our grandfather prophet isaac you’re right it does however for joseph it’s just a plaything actually the reason i wanted joseph to play with it is so he could forget the loss of his mother but bilhah said that the belt is a heritage from the past prophet to be given to the next prophet and i am the next prophet after

Hazrat Yusuf A.S in English Dubbing Episode 3

 isaac this belt is my father’s heritage to me and a play thing for joseph while rachel was alive bilhan zilpah invade her now that she is gone they envy her children don’t pay attention to anything they say father judith says you love joseph more than us that is not so yet you come and see joseph every day he was sitting on your lap you also sat on my lap when you were all children if you were far from me i would come to see you also i love all of my children i don’t want to hear any more such words let’s go all of you i consider you the men of the family who support me and you’re comparing yourselves to a little child goodbye sister and he tell father not to be kind to me why because my brothers will be sad oh my darling you live without your mother’s love now you want to lose your fathers as  well  gotcha  joseph joseph slow down let me check get up son  my darling  everybody hide now hurry hurry hide did you hide i’ll count to 20 and you must find them where are you where are you i found you your turn i found you but you haven’t found joseph yet joseph joseph joseph joseph joseph where is he joseph joseph joseph joseph joseph joseph the game’s over come out where can he be we’ve searched everywhere what if he’s gone to andy what about the roof i’ll go joseph joseph have you seen him joseph has disappeared what’s the matter joseph’s missing he didn’t come here what’s happened auntie joseph’s missing missy how could this have happened weren’t you playing with him we were playing hide and seek but now we can’t find him have you looked everywhere yes everywhere my brother left him in my trust show me where you were playing joseph joseph where are you darling joseph joseph where are you joseph joseph andy he isn’t up here either what should i do what am i going to do joseph he isn’t there joseph joseph joseph oh he isn’t here anywhere where is he where is he oh well he could have fallen into the well joseph  you  

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