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Payamber Yusuf A.S English Dubbing Episode 5

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 is    foreign   so   whew  leave him alone leave him alone leave him alone peace leave him alone i said leave him alone look out look out look out oh no leave him alone beasts leave leave him alone jacob wake up wake up master jacob what’s the matter prophet a nightmare your voice could be heard from the other room yes it was a horrible nightmare some wolves were chasing after a child they drove the child right over the edge of a cliff they wanted to devour him did you recognize the child who was it he was too far i couldn’t see his face but his figure resembled that of joseph  the prophet of god surely knows the interpretation or he wouldn’t be so worried a calamity is going to befall jacob’s  family god wants not bad for any of his servants but his servants collude with satan and then deceive each other  sleeping will help calm you down you need some rest oh lord in thee i take refuge  it’s strange god asher did you hear any noise last night no we were asleep we didn’t hear anything i woke for a moment but i didn’t hear anything your father’s voice woke me up last night he was dreaming when i woke him he said that ten wolves had been attacking a boy who resembled joseph and drove him off a cliff and he got up in the middle of the night and caressed and kissed joseph but didn’t he recognize the child he said he couldn’t see but of course it was joseph otherwise he wouldn’t have cuddled and caressed joseph when he woke up if the child was joseph then we brothers must surely be the wolves do you think it would be funny if your father saw you as wolves jacob said he dreamt of ten wolves attacking a boy that looked like joseph and pushing him off a cliff that’s not a bad dream what are you saying bilhah jacob saw our children as wolves you think that’s a good dream the woes that devour joseph aren’t bad wolves the children themselves must do something the children themselves yes so  this  what’s going on i think i know father thinks about joseph even at night he even sees him in his sleep he takes joseph wherever he goes and even sleeps beside him stop fussing judah we still don’t know exactly what father’s dream was besides unlike us joseph doesn’t have a place or a mother so father has to take him wherever he goes we know exactly what father’s dream was he dreamt of us as wolves wolves that devour joseph  hello father hello father you mustn’t accept whatever someone says and make a fuss about it my mother said that you saw us like wolves in your dream and that we were attacking joseph and that is wrong i dreamt of a few wolves attacking a child neither did the wolves resemble you nor the child joseph i didn’t see any face in my dream obviously the ten wolves are us brothers i didn’t count the number of wolves in my dream why do you think that there were ten i love all of you i have always been grateful and thankful for your hard work but i can’t sit judah now a grown man on my lap like a little child none of you are children anymore when you were little children i was kind to you as little children sat you on my lap let you sleep beside me all of you have had both your mother’s love and your father’s love no matter how much love joseph an

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d his brother have they’ll never have it as much as you did i wouldn’t expect you grown-ups to compare yourselves with children dad asher ask your mother how i cuddled you last night oh i was awake last night you put blankets on gad in me and stroked our heads i have told you before your words show signs of envy these are devilish thoughts don’t let those tailbearers and the malicious ignite the flames of envy in you we’d like to play with joseph why can’t we i have no objection he is your brother who says you can’t play with him i’m certain that he enjoys playing with you as well can we play with him now what are you waiting for go on don’t you want to take the sheep to the plane    forgive us father  foreign   okay  well well well what a handsome group of young men how are you what are you doing oh we’re warming milk for our lunch how wonderful would you not enjoy having a surprise guest who are you what are you doing here oh i’m from the neighboring village although i’m not a shepherd i sometimes bring the sheep to the pasture what’s the matter with you it seems like you’re not happy to have me here why should we be oh well quite right seeing a stranger doesn’t make anybody happy does it truth is that i’ve come to see you it is a real pleasure meeting you all do you know us oh yes everybody around here knows the children of prophet jacob then why are you surprised to see us well i dreamt of you last night can you believe that yesterday i saw you when i was asleep and today while i’m awake isn’t that strange we love to hear tell us well it was a very strange dream i couldn’t figure it out i saw you ten brothers carrying aloft a child on a litter as if you were his slaves and he was your master then i saw the child riding on a chariot and you were ten horses pulling the chariot then i saw him on a throne having chained you and you were working for him shepherds and farmers  i apologize if i’ve upset you with that dream but it’s not important don’t worry about it i’d better go what an ugly loathsome face he had  where did he go he couldn’t have left so fast i don’t know perhaps he vanished into thin air i don’t know who he was but his words have made me think his dream resembled joseph’s hello father hello father hello hello my darling father hello hello hello hello how are you   greetings to the prophet of god greetings to you my son what’s wrong have you fought someone yes i fought your children why because they destroyed our farm and had their sheep graze in it and when i protested they beat me up judah simeon levi  come here why did you let the sheep destroy this boy’s farm we can’t stop the sheep father it isn’t so bad why did you beat him up you can perform lex teleones prophet of god please forgive them but tell them not to let their sheep on our farm again that’s all i ask they said they’re the owners of canaan but they can do whatever they want and take their sheep wherever they like who has given you the right to take the sheep onto other people’s farms who has told you that we are the owners of canaan my son i apologize i promise our sheep will never damage your farm again and i shall compensate you for your loss we made a mistake we apologize in canaan everybody possesses his own property the real owners of canaan are the palestinians not us then where are we from father my grandfather your great grandfather prophet abraham whose shrine is in machpelah was from ur in sumer and chaldea in the south of mesopotamia it is near your birthplace in haran before then the palestinians lived here the ancestors of this young man lived in canaan centuries before we did however after a hundred years all of us the hebrew and the canaanites are from canaan we must all be friends with each other  oh mm-hmm  um joseph joseph son wake up wake up hello father hello my dear son were you dreaming yes it was strange the kind you told me not to tell anyone about even your father i was sitting beside the sheep    when joseph said to his father father i saw eleven stars and the sun and the moon i saw them prostrating themselves before me  i was mesmerized by the stars and the moon the sun when you woke me up   so  your guess was right you mustn’t tell anybody about this dream especially your brothers they will envy you because of their pride don’t tell your sister or stepmothers either they will tell everybody the sun that will prostrate before you has now knelt before you and the moon and the eleven stars will one day prostrate before you you will one day be a great man of high position and lofty spirituality on that day your father mother and all your brothers will prostrate before you but until then tell no one of your dream especially not your brothers i fear that they may envy you and conspire against you conspire my brothers would conspire the sons of the messenger of god  do not underestimate the

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power of satan you see satan is the human’s overt foe it deceives them even if they’re the children of the prophets  god has chosen you for him and shall grant you the knowledge to interpret dreams he shall grant to you and jacob’s family his utmost blessing as he granted the utmost blessing to your fathers isaac and abraham he granted them the position of leadership and prophethood  may god bless your soul i’ve brought your children you see they are both healthy and happy mother and he left us as well now i feel even more the pain of your separation i know nobody can fill your empty space for joseph and benjamin but leah and i do our best so that they feel less the loss of their mother father may i tell mother my dream i have glad tidings for you rachel our son will become a prophet in the future i learned this from his dream last night mother auntie lee and father are very kind to joseph and me don’t worry about us rest in peace rachel rest in serenity i shan’t let the pain of mother’s loss hurt our children hello father hello daughter how are you sit down i’ll bring you more wheat where did father take you to pay homage to the tomb of my mother rachel why did you want to see me because last night jacob appointed his successor i thought you might be eager to hear well then rest assured it is none of our children it’s joseph rachel’s son you had better explain this more clearly i woke up and heard jacob telling joseph don’t tell your dream to your brothers you are god’s chosen messenger heir to abraham and most interestingly he said you shall be your brother’s leader and superior they will prostrate before you and then he knelt before joseph and he was kissing him although i wish jacob’s successor to be one of my children i submit to the will of god and the prophet of god so you can tolerate joseph’s superiority to your own children i have no choice i accept jacob’s decision you two had better do the same but i am unable to i also think we must obey lady leah is certainly right we must obey the orders of the messenger of god i hope that joseph’s brothers are able to accept it how naive you are you mustn’t tell leah everything you feel sit down we must do something   so  don’t make a fuss judah joseph sleeps beside you we don’t know what this dream was joseph dreamed about being your leader be sure of that there’s nothing to it we’ll just ask joseph do you think he would tell you if he had a dream yes joseph doesn’t lie does he he’d tell us if he did come on let’s go  judah wait wait  joseph yes brother  you know that we love our good and kind brother joseph i too love my brothers by the way judah when will i be a grown-up like you you’re grown already and you know well what a lofty and great position you have before god what position do you mean the one you were shown in your dream last night do you remember that dream the one you had we became very happy when we heard you had a dream that showed your high and lofty position did father tell you i had a dream i didn’t tell anybody but him about that dream it wasn’t father who told us i overheard it when i came to the yard at midnight i heard father telling you not to tell anybody about your dream he said you’d have a lofty position in the future will you tell us the dream did you also hear father tell me that i wasn’t to tell anyone about it what’s the matter your brothers want to share in your happiness i know that you love me perhaps there’s no problem in my telling you about it however i can’t disobey father i’m sorry judah i’ll tell father that you wanted to slap joseph don’t do that dina judo wasn’t going to slap him he’s just a little angry with joseph why was judah angry what did you tell him i didn’t tell him what he wanted to hear about my dream how did he know that i had a dream nobody knows it’s a father i’ll tell father that judah wanted to beat you no don’t why because i love my brothers i don’t want father to be angry with them dina why doesn’t you to like me father always told me brothers must love and respect each other i don’t understand judah billah zilpah leah come down i’ve brought wheat hello father hello father hello hello bilhah prepare the handmill we don’t have any flour for dough this is the year’s first sack of wheat we separated the straw with so much difficulty come on son  father all my brothers know last night i had a dream how did they find out i’m not sure they asked me about it and when i didn’t answer they shouted at me  you’ll huh  yes prophet of god i have witnessed your tale bearing and conspiring a few times now but i kept silent hoping you would stop and correct your behavior but it seems that you have decided to continue to do so until you instigate the brothers to fight each other i don’t know what the messenger of god is talking about i’m innocent i was beside your room last night joseph was sleeping there and he told me his dream there nobody knew about it except joseph and myself who except you could have heard the dream and its interpretation i swear to you that last night you’re lying you’re lying i knew i heard a sound in your room last night but i ignored what i’d heard because i noticed you and your children appeared asleep but i was right wasn’t i so far you’ve deceived zilpah a few times and made her bare tails you’ve instigated judah and his brothers against joseph you have made your children hate joseph and i have kept silent if you repeat your previous mistakes one more time i will take my children and send you back to your town parent in babylon do you understand no no no no no i promised the prophet of god never again to cause him to be enraged and always obey him forgive me i’m your mere mate servant i have nobody but you bury me here but don’t send me back to heron no no without a doubt the son is our father the moon is our mother and the 11 stars are just obvious father has spoiled this

Hazrat Yusuf A.S in English Dubbing Episode 5

worthless motherless child so much that he dreams of us worshiping him not only us he sees our parents prostrating before him nobody is leaving here today until this thing between joseph and us is settled i love all my children my love for joseph is is because of god’s love for him i hope my other children can understand this love and be kind to joseph as well and not be hostile does he really think that he is superior to us and his own parents and that he will be our leader joseph is just deluded all his imagination is is the result of father’s excessive attention and mother’s excessive kindness i don’t know why father loves joseph more than us what does he have that we lack we are the ones responsible for providing for the family we sow and reap the crops we shepherd the sheep and rescue them from the wolves we’re the ones who feed the sheep we clean the sheep hold we clean up their dung the kindness and attention of our parents and the ants even is given to joseph a weak tiny child who is even unable to clean his own nose as if having all father’s attention wasn’t enough now he’s dreaming of becoming superior to every one of us i think father is misled and this is all his own fault but i won’t keep quiet and i won’t accept the leadership of rachel’s son neither will we but what’s the rational solution you may lack the courage to utter it but i do not joseph must be killed  these words are dangerous don’t utter them so easily why mustn’t i this way we get to punish father for his discrimination and joseph can take his dream to be our leader to his grave although i’m not as bold as judah is i believe also it is the only solution how do we stand it since his birth joseph has drawn everybody’s attention to him he receives all the love exclusively i can’t wait any longer how long do we stand and not say anything to him in front of our parents be careful murdering a brother and disobeying father are big sins that will definitely get us punished in hell i have a solution for that repent a few days after killing joseph we will ask god to forgive us god is gracious and merciful he’ll forgive us that’s just how all sinners think we’ll sin now and maybe later we will repent how can this fail after killing joseph and attracting father’s kindness we will repent and correct ourselves yes what if god denies us the blessing of repentance not always can a sinner simply repent and if we can’t repent we will be accursed forever and the posterities will eternally remember this shame the children of a prophet of god killed their own brother i agree with levi it’s useless although maybe if levi could come up with a better solution oh yes it’s easy to be all pious but you can’t come up with anything better don’t we deserve father’s attention of course we do it’s his love we want all right then we do something so that father can’t see joseph ever again i get it we separate joseph from father that’s the way to do it after a while he will forget joseph and pay attention to us that’s impossible father doesn’t let joseph out of his sight at least we can think about it and accept that killing joseph is not good we’ll find a way to separate joseph from  father you  

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