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Payamber Yusuf A.S English Dubbing Episode 4

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 is   me  foreign foreign  my  so  he isn’t there joseph joseph joseph oh he isn’t here anywhere where is he where is he oh well he could have fallen into the well joseph did you hear him fall into the well no andy calm down my lady he will be found he can’t be far it’s all right where is he where could he be what have you done to him answer me calm down let’s find out what’s going on what’s happened i was in the house working with bisma and the children were playing outside in the yard all of a sudden i heard them calling joseph’s name and i asked him why they said he was missing  have you looked everywhere yes this is how you look after him he was put in your trust how could you let this happen enough leah that is not helping any of us have you searched the dark corners of the houses yes yes we did joseph is a clever child i think he’s just hidden somewhere nobody can find him let’s think maybe he hid in a chest or one of the ovens my god joseph joseph he’d fallen asleep joseph come out son hello father hello my darling what were you doing in there my son you nearly killed me joseph what were you doing in there we were playing i hid in the oven so that my brothers wouldn’t be able to find me sister you shouldn’t have let him out of your sight how would you feel if he’d suffocated i made a vow to my sister to look after her children as of now i will not let him out of my sight    i don’t think i’ll be able to live without joseph leah don’t hurt me this much an old frail woman having one foot in the grave is begging you no you heard me i promise to look after joseph better than i did before sister the truth is i can’t bear to be separated from joseph i want him here with us please i’m asking for just one more chance one simple chance sister you know joseph is no ordinary child i can’t be negligent about him please don’t separate us from each other so quickly and without mourning just let him stay a few more days give me time to adjust i am sticking to my word leah just for a few days do you understand a few days only a few days and i promise to return him to you personally let’s go my darling thank you leah thank you brother god be with you i’ll never forget your kindness  so auntie have you slept yet you go to sleep son i’m not sleepy yep are you awake my joseph you didn’t sleep at all last night every time i woke up you were awake the thought of you leaving my house has taken calm from my soul and sleep from my eyes well auntie i love you and i don’t want to leave here i’m happy here i don’t want to return to my own house joseph do you really love me you smell like my mother rachel i love andy alia too but when she is kind to me my brothers get upset darling you really want to stay here with me well i have thought of something a way to keep you here but you must help me up you get get ready to go to your father right [Applause] hello father hello my son i have come to return what was in my trust safe and sound hello auntie hello darling you were

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better  if you don’t agree i’ll take him back no no we’re grateful you have returned him we’re also very grateful that you have looked after him for a little time joseph let’s go and play off you go son goodbye brother goodbye goodbye goodbye and what’s the difference between joseph and his other brothers why do they value him so much well it’s obvious jacob and his sister like joseph more than they like our children water bisma bisma yes my lady the belt of my father the prophet isaac have you seen it no come with me we must inform the old yakim and some others as well let’s go dina slow down judah levi hurry so what’s the matter bismuth what is it the prophet isaac’s belt has gone missing have you looked everywhere i have it was the last reminder of our father i’m very upset i used to wrap it around joseph’s keep looking i’m sure you’ll find it we’ve searched everywhere and asked everybody but there’s no trace of it when did you lose it i’m not sure but i think it’s since joseph returned here has any one of you seen the belt perhaps joseph hid it somewhere before he returned here you don’t think joseph may have taken the bills when he returned because he liked it you mean joseph has stolen it perhaps he thought it was his and that i’d given it to him i don’t think that’s the case i will search everybody and every place until i find the belt i shall not rest until it is found only joseph wore that belt we know nothing about it if that is so well then i’ll start with joseph your permission i cannot imagine what trick you’re playing whatever it is it’s bothering me trick this is no trick people i have lost my father’s belt and i am trying to find it is that a trick all right all right don’t make a fuss search everybody i found it you see i wasn’t lying there’s the belt joseph why joseph hasn’t done anything he just stole the belt people of canaan you have witnessed it we have discovered who the thief is oh all right you found your belt take it and go but it’s not that simple brother you haven’t forgotten the lore of the canaanite people have you according to the traditions and customs of canaan he who finds the thief of his belongings is entitled to keep him as a slave for four years wow joseph has to become a slave  yes we all know the tradition but surely you don’t wish to enslave joseph i wouldn’t hesitate even for a moment unless you wish to ignore the traditions and laws of your people stop it i don’t believe in that ridiculous tradition you’ll not have joseph as your slave if the family of the prophet of god do not observe the people’s tradition what can one expect from the others but joseph is only a child you cannot enslave him there’s no difference between a child and an adult this law applies to everyone we must respect it i know there’s a trick but i cannot prove it therefore if you don’t forgive joseph i have to agree with your request i’ve found the thief and i will not forgive him may god and his prophet forgive me and not punish me let’s go joseph as of today you will be my slave for four years that’s what becomes of too much praise it’s what happens when you spoil a child for no reason children are sometimes playful aren’t they it’s not stealing why did you let her take him she’s incapable of looking after joseph well joseph had seemingly stolen something what can i do i can’t prove otherwise don’t worry he’s not in a bad place  [Laughter]  my

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darling as of now you will be the master and i’ll be your maidservant you are my brother’s heir and the apple of this tribe’s eye this belt is in fact an inheritance that only you deserve is this felt really now mine   hmm  joseph joseph my son are you dreaming hello father hello dear son has the prophet of god forgiven me may i enter his house i couldn’t forgive you if you did not come you have acted as someone in love and you took that which you love absolution deserves will the prophets of god i hope to be worthy of such a promise i see no guilt to necessitate absolution what is it that has brought you here joseph insisted that we come your son had a dream he wishes to tell you about i have no doubt that his dream is a blessing no demon is allowed in the dreams of joseph son what was it that you dreamt i dreamt that my brothers and i were playing in the plains and then a strong wind was blowing  [Applause]   i don’t think it has a specific interpretation i will have to think on its interpretation and then i may find something will you take the herd to the plains today go on  i wonder what jacob’s interpretation is it’s obviously something he won’t talk about in front of the well it’s others you fool it means the superiority of joseph to his brothers simple the children understand the meaning of the dream i noticed they were upset i must try to erase the bad effect that it’s had on them joseph should not have said it in front of them prepare some bread and dates i’ll go to them in an hour  come in son everything i’ve thought about you has turned out to be true i give you the glad tidings that you shall have a high position and lofty status in the future and that you shall be the leader of your brothers my father the prophet isaac prayed that god would ordain many prophets of our bloodline i’d always wished to know who would inherit my prophethood my hope is that you will continue my way may god keep you safe from all evils and troubles you are the one we have been awaiting  father what does prophethood mean prepare my food and clothes prophets are the messengers sent by god unto the people to direct them to salvation and perfection tell no one your dreams interpretation especially your brothers why father because if they hear it they may become envious and then become your enemies and no good may come of that you worry me brother i think now that i must protect joseph even more [Applause] if you’ll allow it i will take joseph home now take him and watch him god be with you goodbye father goodbye my son sister don’t leave him alone i’ll bring him back in the evening when you have returned i’ve been unable to shepherd with them for some time i’ll return with them in the evening our children think that your attention to them has lessened don’t worry i’ll try to correct the misunderstanding  with joseph and benjamin around jacob will not pay attention to other children  we always bring our own food along why father did you bring this to us am i not entitled to miss my own children am i not entitled to spend some time with them nothing could make us happier than you are coming to see us father before you arrived we were all in low spirits no one was in the mood for laughter why what has happened to cause that well father you know that we feel as if you’re paying less attention to us we think that you’re paying more attention to joseph and his brother than to us i only allow joseph to go to his ants for all of your sakes did you not know that and because your mother paid excessive attention to him what’s the difference mother is now hugging benjamin and ant is hugging joseph and he provides joseph with the best clothes and play things i agree with that but you must be fair joseph and benjamin are children we must fill the void left by the loss of their mother father we are concerned about joseph’s dream we are the powerful men of the family we have the heavy responsibility of providing for the family and doing the hard chores and yet now joseph will be your successor joseph stream can have another interpretation also didn’t joseph say his stick had grown into a tree and cast its shadow onto your sticks that can also mean he loves his brothers and that he wants everyone together our young joseph will be kind and affectionate to everybody and he will love all his brothers it seems that in addition to our interpretation it can have another interpretation also what exactly do you mean are you saying joseph isn’t your successor god will ordain my successor the best amongst you you must stop nagging me about this joseph and benjamin are your brothers not your enemies and i love all of you and i ask all of you to love each other so that god will love you too the men of my family you are my hope and support today i feel i can rely on you and rest assured you’re brave and daring when you are around no sorrow can break jacob’s heart we apologize for upsetting you wolf levi reuben simeone  uh where did this come from well we killed it it attacked our sheep so we attacked it and killed it this wolf could have hurt one of you instead we have hurt him may god save us from you crazy bold children perhaps you helped your children they didn’t give me a chance to do anything before i was even on my feet they had already killed the beast we were preparing lunch and suddenly the herds started to panic and run all over the place and there was the huge wolf and we killed it that is so dangerous however did you do it simple we attacked it when it attacked the sheep and we beat it with rocks and sticks whatever we had first i banged it on the head with my stick then levi hid it on the head with a rock and confused it and if we’d panicked we surely would be dead i wish that i were like you father may i go to the plains with my brothers no darling you’re too young you will go when you grow up simeone levi judah come here come here i’ll just say may i go yes and don’t forget go and give some food to the dogs in canaan [Applause] when father came to the field he asked why we interpreted joseph’s dream as superiority to his brothers maybe the meaning of his dream is his great love for his brothers maybe maybe he loves his brothers of course mother joseph loves us all there’s no need to be dreaming about love dreams give news of the future about joseph’s superiority and leadership your father has taken you

Hazrat Yusuf A.S in English Dubbing Episode 4

for fools don’t believe it your father was just trying to calm you down bilhar said if the dream is true it indicates superiority and leadership of joseph over his brothers but we were playing with joseph and we enjoy it he is a father he doesn’t want envy amongst his children he wants everyone to love joseph just as he does so uh  auntie  what is it joseph auntie what’s the matter my lady please call my   father  [Applause] oh it’s addie she’s not well hurry please hurry  hello father nancy isn’t well sister what is the matter my time has come to an end how do you know that you’ve been just fine what has happened all of a sudden it makes no difference i just know i’m leaving we’ll get the physician for some medicine she isn’t well but i knew yesterday i didn’t have much time jacob listen to me when you insisted on leaving our house yesterday i should have guessed although i have little i want whatever i have to go to joseph and i ask him to forgive me i ask you to forgive me as well the past four years i’ve kept joseph here my trick he never stole anything may god forgive me you too forgive me my joseph is not a thief it was me who hit the belt under his clothes i knew that was the case don’t worry yourself please tell everybody my joseph was never a thief don’t be upset i want to talk to you privately um joseph is a sign from god the same way that he is a blessing some here’s also a loss to some i see the signs of envy and of spite watch joseph please he is the path of prophethood don’t leave him for a moment don’t let him out of your sight let him sleep beside you don’t send him anywhere alone  sister sister have a good journey sister farewell give my regards to our mother rebecca and our father isaac give my regards to rachel give my regards to our grandfather abraham    [Applause] hmm  laughs hmm request not from anybody and take refuge only in him him whatever you want as all are impotent but he is the omnipotent all are nescient of your intentions but he is the omniscient if you seek a beloved he is your beloved if you want a protector he is the protector if you seek benevolence he is the benevolent and if you seek admonishment he is the admonisher whatever you ask people for is in his possession woe unto those who request from anybody but him many people shall be exposed if god appears with justice on the judgment day many secrets shall be revealed if he looks into hearts with justice there shall be many rulers who shall become captives if god helps the oppressed many eyes shall cry blood if the sinners realize the vileness of their deeds therefore be prepared for that day and correct your deeds for that day like she did be all prepared for departure as we shall all unavoidably step on this path let us all pray for her soul o lord may her soul be with the souls of the pious and the righteous you  

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